Privateer 2 2nd disc cracked


I've contacted EA and they have basically told me 'SOL' on replacing my cracked cd.

Now I'm not going to ask anyone for a Privateer 2 CD 2 image, because that would be against forum rules, so I will not upset the integrity of this forum by asking someone where I can find an image of Privateer 2 disc 2.... Really....

If someone has some links at the old Orgin office and can throw me a bone, that would be great. Otherwise, there is always E-Bay (again).


Goodby Privateer 2

Thanks for the input, you're a super help. Buying this game off of EBay for the second time just for one disc really thrills me.

I apologise for my sarcasm. I'm es-screwed in any case. EA won't replace my broken disc, and I can't ask anyone for a copy of it, so I'm stuck shelling out cash, which is not going to happen.

Ah well, that's life. Goodby Privateer 2.


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What are you whining about? If you crack your discs, game companies don't send you a replacement for free. Not for new games, and especially not for ten year old games. The going replacement rate is $10-20, and you'd have to send something to them to prove you bought the game originally. Criticalmass' suggestion would save you time and money over what you'd be able to reasonably expect from any software publisher.

Things cost money. If you break these things, it takes money to get them again. There's thousands of people here who'd do almost anything to play a new Wing Commander game, and you're just going to give up on one because you don't feel like paying a few dollars for it. That's ridiculous.


Wow, I was really whining. I just got sore becaused I broke the disc of one of my all time favorite games, I didn't mean to be a crybaby. My apologies Criticalmass, I didn't mean to take it out on you.

Thanks for the link CM, I checked out e-bay and found a few better deals. This is one game I am definitly going to re-buy. I just installed ME on another partition just to play this game.

Thanks for putting things in perspective Chris. I did sound a like a kid who dropped his ice-cream cone. I'm off to e-bay!

Update: I just bought it off E-Bay for a cool $27.


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With availability of backup medium these days, why don't you just copy your original game discs, and run it from the copies, safely keeping your original CD-rom's in the game boxes, that way you will never loose them. a CD-R is only 10 cents.


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No harm done, Scrotor, I've had worse- even from Chris :p.

Enjoy the game, and keep those coffee cups away from the CDs!


You mean you're supposed to keep cups 'away' from CDs?, Dang!

Thanks for the idea Mace. You can count on when I get the game, I'm going to copy it and then lock the master in a vault.


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criticalmass said:
and keep those coffee cups away from the CDs!

My usual "coffee cup spot" is between my keyboard, mouse, joystick, a pile of important documents and my backup DVD's... maybe i should move it.:eek: