Privateer 1.2 remake - patch 1.2 problem!



i've finished the first privateer scenario (destroyed the drone) and started the rf campaign. i've done the first 3 masterson missions at oxford and then upgraded the privateer remake to patch 1.2 (from 1.1).

using my old save games i've gone to the library for the fourth mission of masterson and he seems not to recognize me! he's telling me "sorry sir, where do you think you're going? the library is only for the students" (or so).

what's wrong? does the 1.2 patch destroy my save games? is there any way to go on?




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Does it actually destroy the savegame, or can he just reinstall the old version and continue? I'd hate to lose my ship.


Any ship you may have will remain through the breakage, it is only the campaign that is affected. Which is a rather major part of the game :(

1.1 unfortunately broke compatibility with 1.0 savegames. 1.2 restores compatibility to 1.0, and loses some with 1.1 in the process. It's painful, but 1.0 is still far more widely distributed, so it was important to rectify the mistake.

1.1 savegames should survive the transition to 1.2 if you never had a reminder from a fixer about your mission ("why are you still here?"). Otherwise problems can occur. You can try rolling back the campaign a bit: in the savegame file, reduce the number after privateer_campaign to roll things back. Make a backup first :)

Failing that, one can always go back to 1.1 and things should work fine again. All future versions of the remake and gemini gold will have compatibility with 1.0/1.2, so it's best to make the jump sooner or later.


okay, so what i did was: get the savegame before starting the rf campaign (right after the destruction of the probe). i was then able to go through the masterson 5 missions. (everything on patch 1.2).

then i've found lynn murphy at edom, finished her 4 missions. later i've found goodin at perry, finished her missions. now i should be able to get the monte contact from masterson. but he seems NOT to recognize me! he's only telling me that the library is for students only. damn.

according to the walkthrough ( there's a third plot with Tayla who is supposed to be at oakham in pentoville. where IS pentoville? i've searched the whole map and i couldn't find it...

maybe after finishing this plot i'll be able to get to masterson/monte.

i don't like what they do with the savegames compatiblity. it's a realn pain.

anyone can help? :)