prisoners, capships, and fighters should be saved

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To take this whole conversation seriously (ugh!), Confed *did* capture Kilrathi ships were possible - in WC1, we escort a captured Ralari as part the blockade at Kurosawa.

It's just not a reasonable everyday thing to do... Wing Commander is the pacific theater in space - and how reasonable was capturing a Japanese aircraft carrier while at sea?


Joshua said:
Confed can compensate for different measuring system.
Ejection seats could be installed

When we flew the Dralthis in WC1:SM2, they stated flatly that they tried, but COULDN'T install ejection seats. Halcyon says this in the pre-mission briefing for Corsair 1:

[quote='Col. Halcyon"]
And remember… the techs began installing ejection seats in the Dralthi, but ran into unsolvable technical difficulties. You won’t be able to eject from a Dralthi.

Being rather blunt, while captured Kilrathi ships CAN be useful (transports, for example, can contain data which is important, or used in Intelligence missions), we don't often get to do it because, a) it's damned TOUGH to do so and keep the ship in one piece, and b) it's even harder to get onboard the ship and keep it in one piece without the Kilrathi crew blowing it up because they've either got something important to keep from Confed Intel or else they're wanting an escort to the afterlife. We've repeated examples of Kilrathi crews self-destructing for one reason or another, and even minor damage can be fatal when it comes to space combat; that's the nature of the game.

It really isn't much of an advantage to capture a ship most of the time, anyways. You don't use it against the enemy, except by taking data off it, or doing the occasional spy mission - combat's a non-starter, since you're as likely to get shot down by your own side as by the enemy. WC1:SM2 was a definite example of this, as the only times we used the Dralthi were to effectively spy on targets, though the enemy saw through our cover most of the time, and thus we were forced to fight in a ship without said ejection seats and die if we screwed up.


Victory, you say?
Expendable said:
Kilrathi ships would not work well captured in most cases.

Except on WC1, where they use a captued Ralari and some captured Dralthis!

Well, most people can't save the Ralari, but that's another thing.


I'm just thinking about a disturbed bee hive. Imagine the casualties the terrans would have to endure trying to take a cruiser. And as it was said before, the cats are much larger than people and they are well armed as well on thier own turf. Not a winning combination if you are a terran marine.


I just thought of something. The families who aren't closely related to the Emperor's family would probably be more willing to accept surrender. They probably don't really regard the "die with honor" stuff as much as the Emperor's family does since the Kilrathi are not a democratic society. They would see the Emperor was just using them and wouldn't commit suicide if given the chance to surrender -- they'd probably help Confed defeat the Emperor.
Also, captured capships can be used as transports. It's less likely the Kilrathi would attack a ship that looks like one of their own. Victoria Viking and Archer Bowman were always my favorite characters from the anime series since they didn't want to kill anyone. I think that all the WC games should be remade so that players are given leech guns & leech missiles as options. This way organizations like the Lion and the Lamb can't tell people that Wing Commander encourages the player to be violent and people who're pacifists would be more inclined to play Wing Commander.

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Bob McDob said:
I wonder what happened to the Honor Harrington anime series.

Are you sure there was supposed to be one? IIRC, the American branch of a company known for producing anime announced that they were doing a live action HH miniseries...

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Bandit LOAF said:
Are you sure there was supposed to be one? IIRC, the American branch of a company known for producing anime announced that they were doing a live action HH miniseries...

There was a rumor towards that for a while ... then the live action thing came up, and now it seems to have stalled.

The Mutineer's Moon series is still on track, IIRC.



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In my experience, it takes several years to get a TV show off the ground - these anime companies had a huge influx of cash in the '00s... so they decided to go wild, buy up lots of rights and announce lots of stuff. It'll take a while before we really see anything, though.


Bob McDob said:
There was a rumor towards that for a while ... then the live action thing came up, and now it seems to have stalled.

The Mutineer's Moon series is still on track, IIRC.

Mutineer's Moon? As in based on David Weber's "Mutineer's Moon" trilogy, in which it turns out that Earth's Moon is in fact a two-thousand-mile-wide starship built by the ancestors of humanity to battle an extragalactic foe bent on the extermination of all competing civilizations in the cosmos? That woud be a must-see!


So we agree that prisoners, fighters, and capships, and space stations should be saved, right? So if Origins or whoever decides to remake WC games, they should include a way to capture all them right? Also, if there is going to be another game made, they should have some kind of logistics game, like if someone doesn't use missiles/fuel in one mission, he/she can use them in a future mission. Same goes for armor. Also would be nice to have refueling & rearming during the same mission.


Filler said:
Hey Joshua, do you read anyone else's posts?

I'm not even sure anymore if he knows how to READ, much less think.

Though if HE wants to charge into a Kilrathi ship, alone, against a bunch of armed and angry Kats... so much the better for us. :D

Now that's one victory banquet I'd pay to watch. :D


I wonder what Kilrathi tastes like?

Did certain units, such as Confed Marines follow the Kilrathi Tradition of eating prisoners?

After all, the Kilrathi did it to the Confed, so why not the other way around?
Joshua, I suggest you read these...These are from the Kilrathi Codexs..

Fortunate is the Warrior who meets Death in Battle; no true Warrior should
die in bed with his claws sheathed.
Codex Two

Victory must inevitably go to the Warrior whose desire for conquest is
greater than his fear of death.
Codex Three

Better Death with claws extended than Life without honor.
Codex Four

The true Warrior perseveres against any and all obstacles, and gains the
greater glory for his efforts.
Codex Four

Honor shall flow to the Warrior who does his duty, for his Clan shall earn glory by his
deeds. Honor shall flow to the Warrior who meets death in battle, for his name shall
be remembered. Honor shall flow to the Warrior who strikes down his foe, for he
shall win Victory for his people. Honor shall flow to the Warrior who is true,
to his hrai, to his comrades, to his people, and to himself, for only the true Warrior
shall know the gods hereafter.
Codex Five

There is no treachery greater than the betrayal of comrade against comrade.
Codex 6

Even in Death there can be Victory.
Codex 7

I think just about every single one of those prove that a Kilrathi would not just surrender to the Terran because his Clan is farther down the ranking.