Prima Dons Its History Hat (December 26, 2010)

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Long Live the Confederation!
Kotaku has posted an impressive Christmas card from Prima Games. It includes a fold-out poster showing the covers of the hundreds of game guides they've published over the last twenty years... which, of course, includes several Wing Commander books!

The poster is an awesome walk down memory lane... and it's great to see that someone at Prima remembers all these books. Wouldn't it be great if they sold classic gaming guides as ebooks? We've tracked down all five of Prima's Wing Commander titles in the matrix... what other Origin guides can you locate?

  • Row 1, #12 - Wing Commander I & II: Ultimate Strategy Guide
  • Row 4, #19 - Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander Prophecy
  • Row 8, #12 - Wing Commander III: The Ultimate Strategy Guide
  • Row 13, #15 - Wing Commander IV: Unauthorized Secrets & Solutions
  • Row 16, #17 - Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2: The Darkening

Original update published on December 26, 2010
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Star Wars: X-Wing - Row 3, #7
I have it's strategy guide at home so that I have the reference to write ingame E-Mails for the X-Wing Conversion for XWA.


Row 2 #3 Ultima guide

Can't make the cover, though. It's very low res on my phone. Looks like it is for the age of enlightenment (4, 5, 6).