Possible plots for new WC games

Possible plots for new WC game

  • Resurgance of the Kilrathi

    Votes: 6 12.0%
  • Another attack by the Nephilium

    Votes: 19 38.0%
  • Renegade humans wanting to over throw Confed

    Votes: 7 14.0%
  • Don't care, just so a new game comes out soon

    Votes: 18 36.0%

  • Total voters
I'd like the opinions of the fans out there on what they would like to see in a new WC game. Personally I'd like to see a resurgance from the Kilrathi.:cool:



Seeing how we learned very little about them- and how there is still that looming threat from them- I vote for another round with the Nephilim.

My next choice would be the rebellion against Confed.


I'd have to say more info on the Nephilim would be cool. Prophecy just kinda left you hanging in the info department. Maybe a Kilrathi resurgence spawned by the Nephilim would be good, but who knows.
The UBW conflict was taken care of in WC4. Although when I listed renegades overthrowing Confed I'd didn't specifically state where they would be based from. So use your imagination.


I think that was done before in WC4. :D Besides, it doesn't make much sense for Confed and the BW to be going to war. Without Tolwyn's Nazi boys to stir the pot, relations between the two seem to be pretty good between WC4 and WC:p.

Best, Raptor


Hey, you never know. Maybe UBW gets a management change and goes into a huge Re-arming movement. Maybe Confed gets complacent after wiping out the Bugs 2 incursions and slowly dismantles their fleets in a few years?


If you wanted a fight with Confed, you could go and do the Landreich/Confed fight that was going to happen sometime after False Colors.



Originally posted by -<Stiletto>-
Hey, you never know. Maybe UBW gets a management change and goes into a huge Re-arming movement. Maybe Confed gets complacent after wiping out the Bugs 2 incursions and slowly dismantles their fleets in a few years?

I doubt Confed would be *that* stupid. :) And management change or not, I just don't see the Border Worlders being dumb enough to attack a nation that has ten times as many systems and people as they do. It would like Australia declaring war on China.

Best, Raptor
I would have to agree with Raptor. Confed Would never dismantle their fleet with the Nephilim still hangin around. That would be the worst thing Confed could do, especially since Confed captured that bug hole in the Proxima system.


How about the next one be set 100 years in the future, with a mixed Kilrathi/human crew taking on a new, previously unseen alien race?

I was thinking of a Hallas captain (like Hobbes, honorable) with a human CAG, and of course a mixed group of fighter pilots with Firekkans, Kilrathi, and of course Terrans.


Brian P.


I'd like to see the Nephillim storline resolved. After that I wouldn't mind seeing Confed ally with some of the "friendlier" Kilrathi factions and mix it up in their civil war. Perhaps leveraging the presetige they may garner during the bug war.


I'd also like the Nephilim story to be finished off, I think most people would.

After that however, I'd like to see one of three things:

1) Either the mixed crew ship Pendell was talking about.

2) A game from the Kilrathi perspective, as the factions fight-so that the point will be to have your hrai emerge as the new Emperor.

3) A privateerish game based as either Confed or the Landreich for the further exploration of space. (As colonies get set up, you have to scout further, you can trade too, etc. etc.)


I think a new privateer game would rock. I was a big fan of the original. I also think that a border worlds/ Landreich game would be cool too. Do it like it pictures in the books; obsolete craft up against newer faster fighters. That'd be cool too.


Here are a few post-SOP ideas.

1.) The tried and true idea. A human/Kilrathi/Firrekan fleet probes the far side of the worm hole simultaneously attempting to gain data on the far side and hit notable targets of opportunity while safeguard their supply line. Game ends when the Alliance manages to establish a permanent foothold on the far side or else gains an understanding of how to create their own wormholes.

2.) Due to recent deployments to combat the Nephilim, the UWB (or Landsreich) accuse Confed of allowing the Nephilim into the smaller states' territories. Everyone is on edge as the bugs launch continued hit and run raids, and in a couple of systems, the unthinkable occurs, and humans open fire on humans. The game focuses on backtracking to the source of the problem as someone (either a pirate or a politician angling for short term advantage depending on how conspiracy oriented the game is) is intentionally fueling the fire.

3.) Join Confed and crush the Kilrathi pirates so the war against the Nephilim can be properly run. Kilrathi as enemies during the Nephilim war would probably draw plot point fire, however.

4.) Skyfire's no. 2 idea. Would probably be more of a strategic game, though. Melek (recognized by Confed for most of their dealings with the Kilrathi) and his entire household is dead. Can you crush your enemies and reunite the clans under you? Can you simultaneously keep your territory clear of opportunistic apes while avoiding Confed reprisals? And why are unknown ships suddenly being seen on the Mantu border?

5.) Privateer 3 - this time as an undercover Confed agent trying to track smuggling rings specializing in Nephilim components (which are a health hazard).