Possibility of getting banned from YouTube before finishing WC Community Replay


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YouTube went after a recent Swords of Xeen video I posted and deleted it. I was able to add it back in, but it looks like there is a 'Spanish Inquisition' going on and people making video game videos are being targeted. I'd like recommendations on alternative sites I can use that won't do censorship like YouTube did. I may just hold on to the rest of WC3 recordings since there may not be such a thing as a safe haven any more. :mad:
Huh, yeah, it's good to think about whether or not something could get you banned before you do it.
I think revver is better... since it's where all those oppressed YouTube users are going to. It has also better quality and better, less hammered connections [ I tell that from my own experience, from watching clips from there ].
I'll have to read the Terms of Service thing again, but I don't understand why it became a problem recently. If anything, YouTube needs people to promote its service and not do things that will cause people to leave. Fortunately, after having a similar experience with Stage6(site was closed down) I've learned my lesson and have copies of all the videos on my machine for backup.
Thanks for the link, Mincemeat. I've searched and not found it yet. I may not since I deleted the video, but I found exactly nothing in the Terms of Service about game videos. I'm not posting political comment or any notes at all, so I wonder if it was just a one time thing. There is a note about DMCA, so that can always be used as a weasel reason for any video posted.
There should not be a problem with game videos. I have several of them on youtube, one of them has been up for two years now. I wouldn't worry about the rest of your stuff, have you sent a message to the YouTube staff and asked them why you had trouble with the video?
If your video is pulled from YouTube, don't they usually keep the movie in your profile along with a warning like COMPANY X HAS COPYRIGHT OF THIS MATERIAL?
Glad you've enjoyed the Swords of Xeen video I put up. I had the end recorded for a while, and had placed it on Stage6 when it was active. I also noticed that the WC3 Intro video now has almost 11500 views. I have no idea how it got such a huge amount in such a short time.

P.S. - So far I've not encountered any other videos being taken down, so I expect human error.