poll: Kilrathi or Firekkan?


Kilk'dymga'qith laq Ik'vikvi
Definitely not Kilrathi. Actually reminds me a bit of the movie Rapier (the front barrel gun).


A mixture of Nephilim Manta and a Confed movie-Rapier, if I exclude your Firekkan & Kilrathi design intention. It's not wrong in my opinion, to use for your design such a conventional looking weapon. Even the Firekkan must have a prototype of fireweapons (I think freely interpreted on "ancient Chinese bamboo muskets"). But a Gatling like gun refers too strong to a mere human design. It's WC and not Star Trek, where on every thinkable planet Homo-Sapien like offsprings dwell ;-)


Because of that bird-like tail on the back of the ship, it definitely looks firekkan to me. Maybe if you flattened out the rear a bit, it might look more kilrathi. The gun on the front does remind me of the movie rapier, but I suppose all wc1 era ships and earlier had extruding guns, so it sticks to the theme.



First off, my compliments on the model, Chernikov. There's a few of you people out there in the WC Community that are pretty talented - I'm a bit jealous! :)

I have to agree with the rest of the people responding, though...it doesn't look Kilrathi, unfortunately (I know that's the look you're going for). I could see it being Firekkan or the mating of a movie Rapier and a Nephilim Manta (good point, Malar!). Ignoring the gattling gun and switching the head and the rear around (so that the right-most part would be the front), it reminds me a bit of the Vampire actually.

I'm by FAR no expert when it comes to all things Wing Commander...but as an innocent bystander and someone whose read a few posts off the site and other miscellaneous WC trivia, I'd offer that maybe you could make the entire body less smooth (the jagged "fangs" you have are probably a good start)...and another point worth pondering is that the Kilrathi (at least historically from what I gather) never worried themselves about symmetry. So another thought would be to have lopsided wings, or wings jutting out at different parts (I think a few Kilrathi designs do this)...

Again, these are just my two cents. But even though it doesn't have that Kilrathi look about it, you still have my compliments as a model designer...it's still a whole heck of a lot better than anything I could do, I'm sure! :)

Your fellow WC lover,
FireFalcon ~};^

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It's... kind of hard to define any fighter as being Firekkan, since we've never seen a Firekkan design. :)


I would feel comfortable putting my money on the Firekkan.


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Who says the Firekkans are advanced enough to have even developed space-flight? Any references to this? I know some were killed in the initial Nephilim encounter, but that doesn't mean they don't travel in human ships.


It looks nephilim-terran.

As far as I know, the only ships the Firrekkan ever had were a few old Draymans...Maybe they reengineered the tech and created their ship line from there, but that could probably mean that their ships appearence are terran influenced.