PLEASE make a torrent option or resume download supported.


I live in a country with very low Internet speed + unstable .

I can't download the Hornet's nest straight without the download being interrupted in a second.

Is there any torrent link for the file? or some resume supported link?


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Is it the same mod of the link I posted in my initial post?

Is it based on the Freespace engine?
Yeah, it's the Wing Commander Saga Prologue. We're not the WC Saga team, so there's no claim that it's "evenly updated." However, even in the case of your Standoff download, I believe we do host the most-up-to-date version, and you simply came across a link to an old archival copy (that there aren't plans to remove/update). The Saga Prologue we host is more updated than the original release. It's dated November 2007.
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