Pirate 101

Bob McDob

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Here's a good one: some time ago I dug this up by accident on YouTube.


pirate halcyon.png

Wait - who's that conducting the briefing?

This is, in fact, a fairly detailed look at the mechanics of space-robbing people in EVE Online. Or, at least, was - the mechanics have changed a lot in the past four years and I don't play the game so I don't know how relevant it still is.

Still, it's fairly entertaining, considering that it's essentially a nine-minute lecture. I think what impresses me the most after the fact that somebody actually had the idea to do this is how professional the whole thing feels. The voicing is measured and precise, syncing up smoothly with the mouth animations. Key points are clearly illustrated with text and diagrams, interspersed with in-game video to help break it up. This all sounds like the criteria for judging a school presentation - but really, the overall effect is more striking than many professional presentations I've seen, so maybe what I'm really impressed with is how superior this is to Powerpoint.

This isn't actually tagged as Wing Commander, and there's nothing in it to betray its origins (unless you scroll down to the comments, I guess), but the structure of the presentation and general tone shows the creator is clearly familiar with the source material, so I'm glad that this isn't just some cheap excuse to use "retro" graphics without any consideration or even knowledge of where they come from.