Pictures of My Cat


On my way to court in a suit and a tie
Here are some pictures of my cat. She's 18 years old and her name is Rainy (yeah, it's a dumb name, my sister named it when she was 5 because her fur is all gray and stormy-like)

Here she is, sitting on a chair on the porch facing our back yard.

This past summer, she started sleeping on the grill (that's the grill, not the grille) When we're not using it, we cover it with a black plastic tarp thingy, so it gets all warm in the sunshine:

Here she is sleeping on the table that I keep Cleveland the Fish on:

In this last one, she's curled up next to the couch, reading a Tom Clancy novel:

Everybody take pictures of your pets and post them here. If you don't have a pet, make a ham sandwich and take a picture of that.


I have a cat! But not a camera! Right now, anyway. Post pictures of Lizzie tommorow.

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
I've been staring so long / at these pictures of my cat / that I almost believe / etc.


This is Chloe.
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