picture request


Hello WC Saga mod team,
I'm building wooden models of various WC capital ships in 1:10000 scale, and I was wondering if I could get top views of certain ships so that I can make templates. The ships will be used in a miniature wargame called Starmada.

I need top views of the following ships:

Wake Island

all of the WC3 era kilrathi ships
Hakaga (if you've got the model)

All of these ships except the hakaga are on the fleet tactics website, so I was wondering if someone who has the models could take some quick screenshots of the top of the ship. Thanks very much for your time, I apologize for the hassle.

gevatter Lars

Vice Admiral
Sounds like your are making a tabletop...how does it work? Have you made your own ruleset or do you use some existing ones?
I have thought about a WC Tabletop/Boardgame myself but didn't got far since I didn't had the time and it has a complex system of rules since it didn't used dices ( I hate dices cause I have so much bad luck with them ^_^ )


I'm using a rules set called Starmada X. It's available at www.mj12games.com. The demo version is free and I believe the full version is about $15. I'd be happy to send you my Wing Commander datasheets in excel format if you'd like. I've got most of the Confederation ships done.

gevatter Lars

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I will take a look at the rules when I have some time. Funny thing is that I also had "finished" my Confed excel stuff first. I hope that I can finish my system someday...its moer like a chess like system and so most people I have spoken with aren't very optimistic about it. Still I think it gives the game more strategie.

Beside that you should post your request also over at HLP...most of the members are mostly their. Hard Light Production