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It's a little weird how people get so excited by listing off obscure weapon names. It happens over and over, and people in a position to name ships don't seem to have any difficulty coming up with normal sounding names.

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my point exactly. not only there's no need to name ships exclusively after swords, but even if someone decides to do so, there's plenty "normal sounding" and hitherto unused english (or well-known foreign) names for blades and melee weapons. why fasganon? :)

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and then there are several more traditions: big predators (mostly cats), insects, fantasy creatures. we have wildcat and bearcat, hellcat and tigershark piranha and panther, hornet and wasp, vampire and demon, banshee and phantom. we could have... oh, any damn thing. pumas and jaguars, cougars and direwolves, unicorns and werewolves, tarantulas and scorpions (scorpion is a medieval war machine, too :)

I think the tradition here is primarily fighters named after carrier aircraft, though: F4F Wildcat, F6F Hellcat, F8F Bearcat, F9F Panther, FH-1 Phantom, F2H Banshee and F3H Demon.