Phalanx Cockpit WIP


Looks good! I only see five missiles mounted though--how many does the Phalanx carry? I seem to recall hearing it was 6 plus 2 three-packs of mines or something...


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st3lt3k said:
A Phalanx was a Greek military formation while a Centurion was a type of officer in the Roman army. I think that this is far off but that is just my opinion. My impression of the early WC games was that the fighters were frequently named after swords, animals or jet aircraft.

After further pondering (and reading LOAF's post), I think I should have said ancient weapons instead of swords and removed the word jet from before aircraft.

st3lt3k said:

But of course there are obvious exceptions

Using the name of a foreign ancient weapon (whether Batorówka, Scramasax or something else) might be a way to recognize the international appeal of Wing Commander. I am unaware of any small manned space vehicles in WC named after ancient military formations (or modern gatling guns for that matter). Just a thought.

In any event, the cockpit is very impressive and the artist titles his work, not the audience.

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I used the panorama exporter in 3DSMAX. You'll find it under tools/utilities. You basically just give it a camera and a resolution and it will render out a 360deg panorama. You can then save it a s a quicktime VR.


To continue the above conversation about fighter naming: With my almost non-existant art skill I drew a fighter once and called it "Scythe". I liked the name and the design, just my drawing sucked. "Katana" (possible spelling) is another sword name they never used.


It is amazing, Phalanx that is.

If you want another name for sword...

Ancient greek swords that conquered Troy...


or the greek word for sword...



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How about just "Phalanx"? :p

Seriously, coming up with obscure names for swords may be entertaining, but most players won't want to be left scratching their heads saying "huh?!" over some ancient reference or a term in a language unfamiliar to them (no offense to those who do speak Polish and other non-English languages mentioned in this thread, but you're not the only ones who are interested in Pioneer).

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hey, there's a lot of unused canon-ish names, no shortage at all! blades? oriental: katana, wakizashi, tanto, daito, naginata, yari... shuriken for pete's sake. a training ship named boken or shinai? :) exotic: khukuri (kukhri, kukri), kris (sundang), I suppose you can get a couple more if you search some knife freak forums :)

was there a "greatsword" ship, by the way? a neat name, fits our broadswords and epees... or a "longsword"? bastard swords have no one-word name; a pity: it's a great weapon :) flamberge? claymore?

medieval weapons in general? arbalests, trebuchets and ballistas (it's a bomber name, what?) - oh, and shortbows, and halberds, and pikes, warhammers, flails, and whatnot.

and then there are several more traditions: big predators (mostly cats), insects, fantasy creatures. we have wildcat and bearcat, hellcat and tigershark piranha and panther, hornet and wasp, vampire and demon, banshee and phantom. we could have... oh, any damn thing. pumas and jaguars, cougars and direwolves, unicorns and werewolves, tarantulas and scorpions (scorpion is a medieval war machine, too :)

we need relatively well-known, neat names. and we can have them! no need to resort to batorowkas and scramasaxes :)


I like the scramasaxe .
It was a good weapon , and would be a great name for hard
hitting little fighter that's not extermly fast .
The knife/axe has a nice feel , and gave the Saxons thier name .
just my two cents .