P2 Development Profiled in Vintage Multimedia Guide (December 14, 2020)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Privateer 2 programmer Paul Hughes posted a neat spread from "The Complete Guide to Multimedia" published by Dorland Kingsley. It's a feature on how "modern" video games like The Darkening were made in the late '90s. The book explains how everything starts with a comprehensive pitch: design docs, concept art, financials and the like. Then a story is developed and gameplay designed. The movie production gets its own two pages with some fun shots of the sets under construction. It's a good read - we're also glad he didn't chuck it!

Trying to organise the home office a little to get some more room and came across this Dorland Kingsley book on Multimedia with a four page feature in Privateer 2 I’d completely forgotten about. Was just about to Chuck it away.

Original update published on December 14, 2020