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2007 was a very bad year for me - well, it started quite good with book I of the "Erwachen" - series, but then things get worse...

The team broke up, I was even forced to kick a member out, my net base went down and a recreation of this material is far from be done.
The cardgame? History.
A recreation of parts from P II? History.

Only things left: my books and the Wiki from Priest...


...there is unused material on my harddisc and a simple idea. A kind of "board game", playable with game cubes, some cards I start to make and a huge plan (or cardboard) of the tri-system...

And thats my goal: to bring up the fans of P II together an one (okay, more then one ;) ) table, playing this one-on-one, face-to-face...

First steps are made, a friend called Madman started with the basics, he listen to me and he thinks that this may worked...

A computer version of this "idea" may be possible to, but I don't have the needed skills to do something like this...

I hope that I can show you first results soon!


PS: it's 2008, things must get better, there is no time for crying but time for a new start...


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Hio Deacan,

I'm sorry to hear that 2007 was not a good year for you... well 2006 was a bad year for me but 2007 was better.

I've read the CIC news and I wanted to ask if you still acceppt orders for your German Privateer books? Well I am from Germany, too :D and I really would like one. Especially the first part ... I haven't found a place to order it.. not on buch.de and not on bol.de not even on amazon.de

About fan projects... I've been helping on some WC projects before but time is always short somehow and I don't know how I could help you on your board game... I think when it comes to video rendering or graphic stuff I might be able to help somehow...

If you want to contact me... just send me an mail. My adress is easy just Rylex using GMX on the .de server.

Best wishes,




*back to topic*

The list of ideas are nearly complete!

If you:
- speak german (or understand it)
- love REAL table(board)games (like Monopoly, Siedler von Catan etc.)

And life side-by-side with other WC, Privateer or SciFi Fans, then this might be something for you!

Just look at it, tell me what you think about it - is it good, is it crap, is it a nice idea or is it just pure yunk and a waste of time...

Well - its only a collection of ideas!


PS: no, its not a cardgame! There is no deckbuild, no pre-selection of missions... its pure luck!
PS II: We will use a card base similar to IronDukes hex-field system for the map of the Tri-System


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Live from my bed and on a temperature of 39,5 °C... here are the news. Or better, something for the eyes.

My friend Madman amde an overall revision of the map from the tri-system, so we can used it now for our little "tablegame"...

Plus:a first design for a players ship cart, here as a scull from the jincilla clan...

More still to come.


PS: Warning - huge map!


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I lost a lose page of paper from my P II - game! In the german manual was a paper with all planets and base and their distances to each other, in form of a "table"...

Can anyone please make a scan of this piece of paper? I need this for two things: first of all my books, second the tablegame...