other fixers? where?


Can any one tell me where the other fixers are (besides when you start with sandoval). Do you need to finish the main mission with the artifact before you can find other fixers? I've read that you can find someone at Tingerhoff, but have been there a lot and she's never there.


If you are running the privateer remake (not gold) you can also pick up on a storyline starting in the Tingerhoff system in Munchen


storyline stuck

ok, I talked to sandoval, did some jobs for him, got an artifact. Then he dissapeared and some bitch Anja or something wanted me to d o some stuff for her. I did something for her from a secret base or something and when finished I should meet her there but I can't find her anymore.
Can't find any other fixers either.
How do I proceed with the storyline ?

I'm playing gemini gold


Ok, thanks for pointing me to that guide. It really helped a lot. I found Tanya again now on the pirate base and she's indeed mad cause I failed the mission.
I started over again cause I didn't have a save game from before that mission.



I haven't started the main senario yet, but I met a bloke called Lynch in the bar on Basque, the mining station in the Pyrenees system. He talks about getting you some form of immunity from all enemies, and also tells you about some bloke Menesch whos is soomewhere in the Clark quadrant. I think Menesch is the guy who sold the Retro's a load of ships, so you may want him dead....

This may be another senario.




The encounter you describe is indeed from another scenario--it's from the Righteous Fire campaign. Killing Menesch is the last mission that you do before going after the Retros themselves, and it nets you $50,000 from Confed plus Lynch will do a free reset of your reputation (factions' regard for you is reset to the initial levels). If you want your reputation reset again after this, you have to pay $50,000 to Lynch.

In the Steltek campaign, you meet Lynch on New Constantinople after finishing the Talya series of smuggling missions. He will research the artifact for you, but then will send his men to try to eliminate you once he finds out how valuable it is.