OT: Visiting Seattle


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Hey wingnuts,

I'll be doing a business trip to Seattle the first week of June.
I'd be more than glad if some locals could give me some recommendations about what's worth visiting. So far, only the Space Needle is on my list.
I will have probably a day and a half to spend.

Thanks a lot!


Frog Blast the Vent Core!
Hey delMar,

Got a few for you. I'm sure Chris can add to it as well.

So Pike's Place is the obvious tourist spot to stop.

Fremont Troll / Center of the Universe / Lenin Statue

Underground Tour in Pioneer Square - http://www.undergroundtour.com/

I'd suggest the Museum of Flight (that's where Chris had his wedding two years ago) which is in South Seattle.

If you have a bit of time you can swing up to the Flying Heritage Collection (about 40 mins north of Seattle).


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Don't forget the Boeing plant tour up in Everett.

I work in Renton, but live across the sound near Bremerton. They have the naval surface and undersea warfare museums there, very cool.
If you like cars, there is the LeMay Museum is Tacoma.


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Thanks guys, that helps a lot!
What would you recommend for transportation?
Public, rental, Uber?
My hotel will be close to Redmond.


Frog Blast the Vent Core!
Helicopter. Traffic around here is awful. :p

I'd probably go rental since you'll be on the eastside of Lake Washington.