Origin's Space Rogue Added To GOG Lineup (November 25, 2016)


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What should you get for the Wing Commander fan who has everything? GOG is here to help with the recent addition of Space Rogue, a space sim published by Origin about two years before Chris Roberts' Wing Commander arrived on the scene. The game was designed by Paul Neurath who went on to fame with Ultima Underworld and the System Shock series. Other notable WC vet contributors include Denis Loubet, Jeff Dee, Steven Muchow, Keith Berdak, Warren Spector and Dallas Snell. It's clearly dated by its late '80s graphics, and its gameplay has never been one to challenge the WC series, but it's a charming addition to the back catalogue and an interesting artifact of the time that came before. And who can resist its dreamy covert art?! The package also includes bonuses like an associated novella and a cool star map. Learn more about the game at Pix's Origin Adventures or find it at GOG for $5.99.

Dropping out of hyperspace, you lay a course for Lagrange Station. Suddenly, the klaxon screams out a warning. Two Darts and a Corsair, closing fast. Pirates!

You roll hard to avoid the incoming plasma torps. One hits, knocking down your rear shield. Spinning to protect your stern, you launch a heat seeker...

Direct hit: the Corsair bursts into shards. Stunned, the Darts run for deep space.

Later, over a pint of Rigelian in the Lagrange cantina, you listen as a bounty hunter tells of the Scarlet Brotherhood, the most notorious band of pirates in the Far Arm. You hope it wasn't one of their Corsairs you vaporized out there ...

Inspired Space Flight Simulation!
Trek through an astonishingly realistic universe with outposts and mining stations, planets and asteroids, stars and starships - all in spectacular 3D graphics. Watch combat from cockpit, chase plane, or cinematic camera angles. Engage cunning foes in heated dogfights, where you'll have to outgun and outsmart your opponents to taste victory. Outfit your ship with plasma torpedoes, plasteel armor, particle beams, missiles, force shields, ECM units and more. Execute loops, rolls, and spins. Feel the tug of gravity as you whip around a star. Authentic spaceflight dynamics push your piloting skills to the limit.

Intense Role-Playing Adventure!
Make a fortune - and a name - trading cargo, bounty hunting, or plundering merchant ships. Every action you take affects your reputation, and who calls you friend or foe. Meet and converse with the inhabitants of the Far Arm: Imperial troopers, merchant princes, talkative robots, and treacherous pirates. Shop for starship hardware, do favors for aliens, carouse in bars - even play HIVE!, the galaxy's hottest arcade game. You will be drawn into a web of intrigue; secret plots, assassination attempts, intergalactic war. Ultimately, the destiny of billions will hinge on your deeds.

Original update published on November 25, 2016
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SO RAD! Jazzed to explore this game in detail.

One thing Space Rogue did that I wish Wing Commander had copied: papercraft spaceships as the trinket. Looks like GOG even scanned them!


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Great news & GOG definitely has a fantastic collection.

Space Rogue sounds very Privateerish.

The press release that Pix has on his website is also awesome http://www.pixsoriginadventures.co.uk/space-rogue-press-release/


Non-linear progression of quests?

3D space flight simulation?

Intriguing role-play escapades?

The beginning of the Origin Cinematic Experience? (TM no less)!

Sounds great!


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Aww yeah. I remember trying this out on my Mac almost thirty years ago...and being immediately turned off by the crude DOS graphics, which were a gross thing to have in Mac ports st the time. I like to think I've acquired a taste for this style and should be able to give this a try. I've thought a lot about the promise it held and wished that a GOG version would come along.