Original Privateer


True, I miss the good ole days of hovering it front of my computer blasting kitties, pirates and retros to smithereens. Those were the days...


>>>Please - Help for german language<<<

Hi @ all

Please help me - I found your page to the old+now new game "Privateer Remake" - the best game of the world for me!

But can´t not play the game in my german language and search a patch or upgrade for them!

Can you help me and send me this file to igorlink@hotmail.com

Greats Draggi ;-)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
I'm not aware of a German version of Privateer Gemini Gold. You might email John Cordell at priv@solsector.net for information on it. He is the project leader and happens to be from Germany himself. If you have an original German copy of Privateer, we can help you to get that working on modern computers.