Orchestral/Cobalt 60?

what's the difference between the Orchestral Soundtrack or the Cobalt 60 Soundtrack? i've listened to all the tracks on both versions, but I can't hear a single difference, not even in production (volume levels, sound quality...)

is there even a difference at all? and if not, why have two different options for the same songs?

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I'm thinking you must be doing something wrong... the Cobalt 60 tracks are modern techno music composed/performed by a European group (... 'Cobalt 60'). The orchestral tracks are the 'normal' Wing Commander style pieces by George Oldziey.

You can't confuse one for the other - you'll know the techno when you hear it. :)


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In case you were wondering, the orchestral music plays during the missions, and the Cobalt 60 tracks are featured in the sim in Prophecy.

In SO, all the missions use Cobalt 60.
That might be the problem- I'm playing Secret Ops, I have no prophecy. Certainly enough, I can hit Home or End and it will say "Cobalt 60 Selected" or "Orchestral Selected" but the same music plays. I'd imagine I'm hearing the Cobalt 60 music, as it has a highly techno edge. now I wanna hear the Orchestral. is there a patch to install the orchestral tracks on the Secret Ops tre file or whatnot?


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I believe that WCSO's MUSIC.TRE is the same as WCP's MUSIC.TRE, just with the orchestral pieces and track 10 removed (that's why when you try to select track 10, it complains that it can't find it).

If you have Prophecy, you can copy that MUSIC.TRE over the WCSO and it will still work fine. Using Locke's music switcher, you can even get the original orchestral tracks in WCP. Very nice when the heavy electronica wears thin on you.