Open Gl mode problem

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Wow, and I thought nVidia had lousy drivers. So ATI actually got their latest drivers to work on "some" 1xxx cards and break the others?

I'm glad I ended up deciding against the X1950... Wouldn't be nice if I couldn't play Standoff. :p

Not to be contrary, but ATi has always historically been the one with awful drivers until they finally put the Catalyst driver pack together. Early Radeons and any 3d accelerator card before them were a hassle to configure.

NVIDIA was the one who got their stuff together early on and released a unified driver that really put everyone else in the 3d accelerator field to shame for a while.


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Yeah, I've always had good luck with nVidia drivers. On the other hand, I've had pretty mixed results with ATI drivers dating back to the pre-Radeon ATI Rage series.