Official word on Ranger's Glory


Well, this is long overdue, but the official end will be even longer - by about two weeks. As of this date June 5, 2008; I am making one final 'effort' to keep the project from sinking with the many other shipwrecks that this fan community has seen.

I am asking for someone to take over as project lead. I find that I do not have the time, motivation or patience to manage this project any longer. You would be taking over managing of team members (this includes a requirement). This role would also mean taking up much of the stuff I was doing, though some of these could be delegated to team members. This would involve building some of the missions and writing much of the story (both of which I have some outlines for as far as general plot - note that I won't strongly require you to hold to it). The other part of your role would involve compiling the mod (which is no small task, but parts of this I have already done). That is most of it.

If you are interested or have any questions, just pm or email me.

PS If I don't receive a response in about 2 weeks, then I will officially end the project.


I was too, but motivation and time left me too often and now my heart is not into it anymore. Hell Wing Commander is really low on my interests at the moment. I mean I haven't even played Standoff's episode 4 (though I believe I did play episode 3, at least).

I've never had a very good work ethic when it comes to these things. Secondary goals seem to never get completed for me.

I still don't like the idea of letting this project die, but in my hands, it would have died sooner or later. Unfortunately, it is rare for a fan project to ever change "leaders."

PS Doesn't hurt to try, though.


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I'm curious, how much work has been done on Ranger's Glory (numbers of missions completed/planned etc)?

I only have about five new missions before I've finished the first three (and a half chapters) of APP (of course, I still need to make quite a few backdrops, cut-scenes and ships, but that's really just eye-candy that can be added in when all the chapters are complete).


For the first episode, I have very little of the story fiction written including extra stuff like news. I have most of the voiceover dialogue written for episode one aside from maybe an set comms for pirate and BW pilots and the main ships. I have character descriptions for most of the pilots and several of the crew.

I have full script plans for the first episode missions (whichare only four to begin with). The first cutscene (which is really simple) is mostly complete aside from adding in new models and music. Most of the first two or maybe three missions are done, but they need some work and new models (as well as a couple of functions that are really weird to begin with).

I have a general plotline completed, ideas for the overall goal of each mission, and the mission branching completed for all 4 (or was it 5) episodes. In addition, I have some work done on several sim missions as well, but they could really use some added voiceover additions.

I have most of the graphics for the cockpits done, but there are some rearrangements and fine-tuning needed, and I really need all new textures on the ships and a few new models added as well. The WC3 Victory does me little good as anything but a placeholder, and some of the others are ships from UE or Standoff (of which the latter has to have new textures). Compiling and fine-tuning all of these ships and graphics is also a daunting task.

In addition, I need an animator for a few key scenes or at least the generic ones like the briefing.

Biggest problem I have is that it is rough and time-consuming dealing with trying to manage/recruit for the project, write a lot of fiction, get missions to work/look right that really are not simple, compiling graphics (and getting the hud to look right), and getting the ships retextured (without having someone that can retexture, convert, and test the ship by themselves). It is just too much for my brain to worry about, so I am quiting at a mininal the project management or at most the whole thing. (having my heart not into it anymore definitely hit the second to last nail on the head....the coffin is almost finished)