Official WC Development Team (and other) Patches


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Hello everyone!
Today, I received the 4th development team patch, possibly the final one. I want to share this news and want to ask if anyone here has a patch I might be missing and is open to sell it. I promise your patch will be in a great family, surrounded by his brothers:)). Yes, I don't have a few (which kinda makes me crazy, that the board isn't completed). Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks for any suggestions! Fly safe 0/

p.s. Thanks a lot to Billy Joe Cain (from Radical Empathy), who was helping me for a long time and Jordan Carroll (Rares Market) for giving me plenty of opportunities.
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I don't have any to sell, but there was at least a Prophecy dev team patch out there. Also some Prophecy squadron patches for good measure: