Official Statement About Virus (August 27, 1998)


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Boomer recently posted on the Secret Ops Chat Zone Origin's official statement about the virus, and the splash screen at the Secret Ops website also says the same thing...

ORIGIN understands that some of the files from the initial Secret Ops downloads were infected with the CIH virus. The infected files were present on the "East" Secret Ops FTP server between the hours of noon and 2:30 PM, CST Thursday, August 27. These infected files have been removed and replaced with clean, uninfected files that are now available for download. If anyone downloaded files during this time, please consult the McAfee web site for information on how to scan your files for the CIH virus. The web site can be located at:
(note the site address is case dependant)
We regret that this virus was found in the Secret Ops files. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
Original update published on August 27, 1998
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