Official Site of the Year Voting Thread


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This is your last chance to vote for Wing Commander Site of the Year and Fan Project of the Year in 2003. You have the opportunity to vote for one site in each category for the sites that you believe contributed the most to the Wing Commander community in 2003. We've decided to do something new to increase the number of votes we get. Those with Crius accounts can list their votes in a reply and have them count that way. We recommend you email votes so that they remain private, but posting to the thread is better than not voting at all. Don't vote here if you've already emailed your vote. Don't discuss nominations or votes here. Open a new thread if you want to do that. Here are the nominees one more time.

Site of the Year:
Acenet Central
HCl's Wing Commander Editing Site
Killerwave's Wing Commander Page
OriginalTHP's Wing Commander Pages
Thomas Bruckner's Wing Commander Homepage
Wedge's Wing Commander
Wing Commander 3D
Wing Commander in Russia

And the nominees for Fan Project of the Year are..
Cameron Wu's Raiders
Holding the Line
Macross: Do You Remember Love?
The Reckoning
Vega Strike
WC Saga: Battlegroup Serpent
Wing Commander Casper Station DDX

You can email your votes in to Just one vote per category. Thanks to all who have voted already! The winners will be announced in a couple days.


I needed something like that since my email vote can't get through since my mails from hotmail aren't accepted. I mean, WTF?!!?!

OK, my vote for the fan project of the year goes to: WC Saga: Battlegroup Serpent

Site of the Year: Wing Commander 3D


Mr. Standoff
Good, now even the extremely lazy people like me can vote. Here goes:

Site of the year: HCl's Wing Commander Editing Site
And a blank vote on the fan project of the year category, thankyouverymuch. :p


Well, as for Fan project of the Year, WCS: Battlegroup Serpent takes the prize (and thus my vote) though Standoff was a close second.

I don't have any favorite site, they all offer something different, depending on what I'm looking for.


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Fan Project of the Year: WC Saga: Battlegroup Serpent, just because it seems closer to completion than Standoff. But other than that, I couldn't tell you which one's better just yet. Once I play 'em...;)

Site of the Year: Wedge's Wing Commander


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Make a separate thread for questions and discussion. Voting ends when we post the results. Vote now.