Official Music Petition!


212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
Instead of posting a CGI petiton on some lame link, lets just use the CIC board, since it's on the most traffic-ed WC site on the net. Please give your name, call sign, and, if you want, a brief statement declairing your unremitting support of George Oldziey's music and back him on his pursuit of an Orchestrated Wing Commander Score.

Please leave out quotes, stupid remarks, Jenna Elfman, etc, as we're trying to be serious about this.



212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
My name is Justin Bielawa, and I fully support Oldziey's musical work for Wing Commander 3, 4 and Prophecy. I find the music so appealing and so par excellance that I believe it not only merits an original score release but an fully orchestral release!

This petition list will, once finished, be emailed to the offices of Electronic Arts until a reply is given.


Well, I hate to burst your bubble, man, but petitions haven't gotten us anywhere in the past. But maybe this one...

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Howdy, I'm Ben Lesnick -- the Wing Commander 3, 4 and Prophecy music was absolutely amazing... I'd pay quite a lot for a CD of some of it.




Didn't I have this idea not long ago, LOAF?

Oh, no, wait. I wanted to use dead presidents to convince them, rather than a petition. Lots and lots of dead presidents.

I don't think a petition'll work, but hell, I'll sign it. I'm Jed McBride, and I want to see all the WC music released, as well as allowing Oldziey and the Fatman to rework their music for orchestral and or techno remixes. =)


I am Gregory Haroutunian, I loved the music in WC3-Prophesy and am/would be willing to buy a CD with the best of the music on it.

Mad Hatter

My name is Ari Stone aka Mad Hatter, I`ve been collecting Wing Commander music in every format you might think of : midis, mods, mp3s, the works!
I`d love to see an official Wing Commander (games) soundtrack CD produced, and I`d certainly pay good money for one.

There, how`s that?


Hey, while we're all giving our real names and saying we want a WC music album, lemme play!

I'm Wesley Ferguson and I hereby "sign" this petition. :D


My name is Brian Pendell, and I'm an alcoho... oops,
wrong forum.

Heh, heh. Where was I? Oh, yes... My name is Brian
Pendell, and I gladly sign this petition. LET


Brian P.


My name is Michael Söchtig and I would gladly buy a CD that includes orchestrated Wing Commander tracks, especially if tracks if all games of the series, including the magnificent music of WC 1/2, are included.

Michael Söchtig


Unknown Enemy
Petitions usually don't work because sadly, most people assume they won't work and therefore don't bother signing. However, I'm not one of those people ;).

My name is Jakub Majewski, callsign "Quarto". Music has always been one of the most memorable aspects of the Wing Commander games, and I would most certainly buy a CD with music from those games.


did the music to crusader wow that's amazing i mean the crusader theme is great. I even recorded it on minidisc and used it for jogging especially the music from mission 2!
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