NT 2004 Paint scheme shots (at last)


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Let's see if I can remeber how to do this. :D
Here are screenshots of the two Confed Space Force paint schemes I made for Nascar Thunder 2004. The blue version is probably going to be the only Confed one I'm going to put in my WC ZIP file for Blackhole Motorsports, or the CIC whoever wants to post it. But I'm open to any comments and advice too.
Original Gray Scheme
New Blue scheme


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So the big flaming rust spot doesn't bother you huh? :D
I've still got the layered PSP files maybe I'll try changing the blue layer to gray. I just don't really like the sort of primer and rust look the old design has. Maybe a gray color base with the new markings would look good. :confused:
Anyway I'm going to stick with the blue for now and keep the gray on hand.
Any thoughts on possibly a Firekkan or Landreich scheme.


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I prefer the Blue Confed car to the grey one. Both are cool, I just like the color scheme on the blue confed car better.


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There are going to be Border World and Black Lance schemes in the pack, I just haven't strated them yet. :p
I'm also considering doing Firekkan and Landreich schemes, but there are no existing insignia (that I know of). I know the Landreich's insignia is a Saint Christopher's cross with a sword run down through the top, but I don't know what a Saint Christopher's cross looks like. I'm thinking of possibilities for a Firekkan Planetary Alliance emblem because the Firekkans show up in my Echo War fan fic.
So the Border Worlds and Black Lance are next up.
As for any based on fighters, I don't quite know how I would do that. The closest I've done is a McCall Industries, makers of the Longbor bomber, sponsorship on the Confed schemes. Martina Nostra will be a sponsor on the Black Lance scheme and I'll probably draw some BW manufacturer from the WC4 strat guide for the Border Worlds scheme.