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Murray, I don't think the Mods like that kind of Language

I like the sounds of Avenging Angels


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What makes you think we give a shit about that kind of language?

(Before everyone goes and gets carried away with being foul-mouthed: an occasional swear word or two here and there isn't a bannable offense, but if you [generic "you"] are constantly cursing, expect a visit to the bozo bin [read: banned account list] real soon.)


Good ideas guys, but since everyone in the squadron is going to die in my movie, I think I'd choose a name for them which has more meaning, something which foreshadows or is perhaps a double entendre, or alludes to something else.

At the moment the name Flying Tigers is temporary, I'd much prefer a more meaningful thoughtful name than that.


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The Dead Meat Squadron?

The Strumming Harps Squadron?

The Flying Coffins Squadron?


I rather like the Flying Coffins :D

Well, you can't get more foreshadowing than that... unless the squadron is the 13th FS.


Vampire Ace
How about Death Company from Games Workshop?

It the name of an Elite group of Blood Angles that get taken over by Visions of their Primarch (Sanguinius) on the eve of battle and are formed in the Death Company. This Marines, charge into the Enemy and normally keep going even when mortally wounded. To be in the Death Company is a Death Mark, as they normally get killed. Then another Death Company is formed on the eve of another battle, and every other battle, the Blood Angles take part in.


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Was that really necessary? Is there a punishment suitable? I dont really care if you get arrested, hounded by PETA, sent to hell to burn for eternity but, seriously, think of the rooster.


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Not only is Ripper's smart-ass comment routine, in this and other threads/forums, not necessary, it's also starting to get tiresome.

If anyone is authorized to be official thread hecklers, it's the admins and moderators.

(That's a hint. Pay attention to it if you value your posting access, Ripper.)


Ghost Riders

Wow these all sound pretty good. I wonder what kind of squadron logo they would have... hmmmm...


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The Ghost Riders' logo is a picture of LeChuck from MI3 with some stuff written around it in banner/scroll-like thingies... at least in Standoff :p

(Ghost Riders is the name of the Firekka's Stiletto squad in my project).

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