None of the Wing Commander Prophecy patches are working for me

Lord Yaksha

I have tried installing the mission builder, mission editor, taunt patch, ship editor and high res patch and none of them workvery well or at all. The high res and mission patches don't work at all and the tant and ship editors keeps showing errors. If need be i'll list the individual errors (or post screenshots, that'd be easier ~~~~~~~~), but I could really do with some help.
If you have a ATI card it might be that you are trying to run it in 32 bit color. For some reason it always crashes. So try setting it to 16 bit color. Otherwise we need way more info to even begin to suggest what might be the problem. (start with system specs and then describe the events surrounding the crash and any error messages acompanying it)
Well the taunt and ship editor patches seem to be working, but the mission builder says it cannot find the compiler.bat file and the ship editor patch says there is no help file.
Nope, none of the other patches will work. What're all those registry keys on the patches page anyway? Do I need them to be able to use the patches?