No Remorse -- Ten Years Later


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On September 22nd, 1995, Origin Systems, Inc. released a game, published by Electronic Arts, with “non-stop action from a different perspective.” That game was Crusader: No Remorse. Crusader broke all the boundaries of what action games were up to that point. It featured fully destructible environments, clear, crisp, and beautiful graphics, a great soundtrack, an interesting story with full-motion video, and huge replayability. Crusader is set in the distant future, where a group called the World Economic Consortium, or WEC, has taken over the entire world. You are a Silencer, an elite member of the WEC special forces, the best of the best. The WEC's enemy, The Resistance, has been causing pain for the WEC since they began their reign in 2150. After letting some rebels go, the Silencer and his buddies are heading back to base. The WEC doesn't like it when their soldiers disobey direct orders. In response to their actions, the WEC sends a Vetron mech to ambush the Silencers. The Silencer's buddies are killed, but he survives. He joins the Resistance to avenge the deaths of his comrades. Throughout 15 missions, the plot thickens and unfolds, and the action just keeps getting better and more intense. At the very end, you're craving for more.

Now in 2005, we are still awaiting another Crusader game. But instead of praying for a new game, we should celebrate the series that is Crusader. To celebrate, we have opened the only active Crusader website on the internet: Echo Sector.

I hope everyone who even has the slightest interest visits the site, it's still in beta form, so everything isn't complete, and everything isn't organized yet. Thanks.


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Looks very nice, and it's good to finally see a Crusader site on the internet... but I kinda wish you waited with the announcement until there was something on the site to see. It's just a bit disappointing to go into every section only to see nothing there :p. Still, good work, and I can't wait until you put up those documents about all those proposed Crusader games that never got made.


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guys i'm working hard to get this all runing. But as i'm the only one webdesigner there, it's really time consuming.

We wanted to go up on 22nd, cause it was the crusader's anniversary date - 10 years. So we decided that this crusader portal will have it's birthday the same day as the original crusader had.

I'll try my best to get all other sections running. Right now Goku is busy scanning all the oficial docs he has, i'm busy making them into pdf files, as well as sorting out some developer docs that we have unsorted. lol...


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Well then, best of luck. Crusader is a good game that deserves a site of its own.

I'll never forget "How the world will mourn the death...of Dr. Gregor Hoffman!" :D


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ZFGokuSSJ1 said:
"How the world will mourn the death...of Dr. Gregor Hoffman!"

God, I love that line.

Yeah. I know there's been a second line in the games that stuck in my memory - at least until now.
The only line I can think of now is "Intruder alert!" ;)

Was there any use to all of the different heavy wespons? Except the cool effects?