News : New Saga Artist and Saga Ferret !


Since the release of the WC Saga prologue, several talented new people have joined the Saga team to help us make the full campaign. Today, we would like to introduce you to one of our new memebers: Adam "Klavs" Burch. Klavs has amazed the rest of the team time and time again with the speed at which he turns out some amazing looking models, and he has a talent for bridging the gap between the art styles of WC2 and WC3, making WC2-era models look great and coherent alonside WC3-era models. For today's update, we are sharing a few pictures of Klav's rendition of the Ferret, which will be featured in the WC Saga full campaign.

(ingame screenshot)
(ingame screenshot)
(truespace render)
That actually looks really good. WC2 has always been one of my favorites in the series and I like how the rear fuselage reminds me a bit of those wing things on the back of an arrow.
I take it that we've already seen previews of those in Klavs' earlier renders. Good stuff, for sure.