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I'm working on my next 3d model, but with symester final exams coming up, I'll need to give it a little rest ( :( ).

So on a concentrated effort I did a few show-off pics, just to sign off for the next two month ( :( :( :( )

You all seen my Ferrets, so I just ajusted the size of their guns (as someone complained they were too small) and modeled the apropriate guns.

The hanger I just cobeled up for these pics, base on textures I pulled of the net ...some where, a long (as in Looooooooooooooooong) time ago.

One last thing : while trying to stay with the general lines depict in the WC4 books (I think it was WC4), I did took some artistical freedom.
hope you like it...

First shot:
Confederate Tools of the Trade:

from right to left:
Javelin HS
Spiculum IR
Lance Torpedo
Pilum IFF
Dart DF

Down in the middle is a larger scaled MassDriver cannon


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Next are closeups for all the weapons, and a refrence picture.
starting with:

LAU-81 Dart


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AIM-15 Javelin

(the little arrow sais: "Put Kilrathi on THAT side :D)


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The textures still meed some work, but the model details are amazing. Great work... Are you planning to use any of those models for anything?
Well, It's a WIP, an Armada banshee I started almost a year ago but got stucked. I revived it a month ago and the model is complete, but I still need to texture it, and "install" some landing struts.
The Armada Banshee carries a full set of missiles (aside from the leech) and thats why I modeled all of them.