New Wing Commander Paper Model Available (August 5, 2004)


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Earlier this summer the French S.F. Models Annexe was reorganized and some of our previous links were broken. People are still looking for them, so here are the new links. The place has been spruced up with some nice Wing Commander music and a new paper model ship. There is now a very impressive Thunderbolt at the site. If you've got some spare time, these are very cool things to put together and display. I'm hoping to do one soon.

Original update published on August 5, 2004
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Thanks for providing the link. I lost my details of the site earlier in the year. The Arrow and pirahna are very nice and heres hoping he makes some more in the near future.

I've been inspired to do one of my own - a Seahawk - and am working on a Behemoth and TCS Victory (very slow going...)


criticalmass said:
I still have the files. If you need them, let me know and I'll put them on some webspace.

Sorry for the late reponse.

May I please I have a link to the Wing Commander model files?

Might want to let them know.

I can't seem to find an email to contact about this issue.

WC3 paper

I recently found this post and I was surprised that there was a problem with the archive of the Arrow. I apologize for this fact and upload a new file which also contain the PDO file for the PEPAKURA program.


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Hey, I guess nobody ever got in touch with you. :) Thanks for updating it though.