New WC Toolbox Release Adds WC2 & Academy Support (November 29, 2017)

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    UnnamedCharacter is back with an awesome upgrade to his WC Toolbox application. The program allows aspiring modders unprecedented ease of access to play around with and tweak some of the core elements of the original Wing Commander games. Previous versions have allowed for ship editing, revision of the in-game text, new copy protection questions and more! Today's update is a sizable rewrite that will enable greater flexibility for future upgrades. It also provides initial support for WC2 and Academy. The screenshots below show how some of the hot spot verbiage can be tweaked. Some of the editing process may be challenging to those with no prior coding experience, so please work with your fellow Wingnuts to learn the ins and outs as necessary. You can grab the program at the CIC Forums here.


    Original update published on November 29, 2017
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