New version of DOS game emulator for Mac


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There is a new version of Boxer: The DOS Game Emulator for Mac which uses DOSBox. I haven't tried it yet but it promises:
  • Joystick/Joypad emulation
  • Plug-and-play with any Mac-compatible USB or Bluetooth game controller
  • Ready for Lion (the latest version of Mac's OS X)
  • other improvements
Not sure if this should go in the Tech Support section like this


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Well, it really doesn't go in tech support unless you are talking about getting WC games to run in it. But from the sounds of it it's more or less like getting it to run in DOSBox... but it certainly doesn't go in general WC chat. For now I'm moving this to off-topic.


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Boxer is just a graphical front-end for DOSBox. In this case, specific to Mac OSX systems - it's still DOSBox on the inside.


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Its actually a little more than just a simple graphical front end. Its a complete modification of dosbox to better fit the OSX environment, and includes a whole bunch of features not seen in any other dosbox version. For instance, the way you add a game is simply by putting the .boxer at the end of the folder which the game resides in, and it acts as a wrapper with which you can click on directly from the OS. Most of the shortcut commands have been changed to be more like OSX commands like cmd-q to quit and cmd-up/down arrow to change cycles or set it in max. A lot of the emulations stuff has been streamlined, but the latest version still lets you do the more complex stuff via editing the automatically generated .conf file in the wrapper. Also it has a sort of plug and play joystick support as with complete integration with the joypad app on your iphone/ipodtouch. It's a really well thought out program.