New user, have a few questions.

Hi, I'm a big fan of Privateer, and just recently got the original running on DosBox, but now I find this, and I'm so psyched.

Here are my questions.

1) Can I use my save files from Privateer with the remake? It would be quite nice if I didn't have to start from scratch again.
2) Is the Righteous Fire addition part of the remake yet?
3) I know there was some sort of a command to show you what your alignment with the various groups was, but I can't remember it. Does anyone else know what it was?

I ran a forum search for everything here, but didn't turn up anyhting worthwhile.


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In the original Privateer, your alignment was noted in the Quine PDA which you bring up when docked.


In this version, I'm pretty sure you can see your faction standing when you access a mission computer terminal.


- no save games from original (totally new engine)
- if you land on Jolson after finishing the privatter stryline, the RF storyline starts
- to show your faction status, enter any of the computer terminals (mission computer, ship dealer upgrades, or commodity exchange) and press the "Info" button at the top of the screen


To see faction status when flying, press shift+m and hit Nav Info. Make sure you are at the lowest map level (otherwise you'll just get a blank screen) - do this by pressing the DOWN button.
Thanks. One more question for right the engine completely new or adapted from another game? The non-cockpit HUD is very reminicent of the Descent: Freespace games, I think.


and, I might add, a fun game too ;-)
though some may like the Wing Commander-ness of the Privateer Remake mod on it

the cockpit files are pretty easy to mod ... edit centurion.cpt/centurion.cpt
it looks a lot like html--you can place gauges and stuff using that...a nd then hit F1 twice to reload the new cockpit


hellcatv said:
the cockpit files are pretty easy to mod ... edit centurion.cpt/centurion.cpt
it looks a lot like html--you can place gauges and stuff using that...a nd then hit F1 twice to reload the new cockpit
How much can you actually change without restarting the game? It would be very nice to be able to change some of the vegastrike.config settings (such as mouse sens) without restarting between adjustments.


unfortunately currently all settings are statically loaded at the game init--we're eventually working on allowing them to be dynamically reloaded--but there will always be some options that are fixed at game start (like autopilot versus warping)
I have a few more questions now that the Remake has been eating all my free time for about two weeks.

1. I just finished running the side missions for Destinee and Kaydence. Do I get anything special? If so, I haven't noticed it.

2. I got stuck at Oxford 3 (who hasn't? Side Note: I think part of the problem here might be that ships spawn with their shields at zero and the Demons spawn way too close to the Drayman) and after one of my failed attempts, I SD'd and quit. When I loaded, I was in the same place I was before and had still failed, even though I didn't save it.

My question is, is there any way I can restart the mission? I talk to Masterson at the library and I just get the "Students only" message, and I REALLY do not want to restart to do the main campaign, as I have a Demon, Tarsus, Galaxy, and Centurion, all fully decked, and as previously stated, I've already done the Destinee/Kaydence side branch.

3. Where, if it all, can I get the following ships? (And if necessary, what missions/sideplot branch do I need to do to "unlock" them?)

a. Talon
b. Gladius
c. Drayman
d. Anything Confed
e. Anything Kilrathi

I've been almost everywhere and have yet to see any of them except the Talon (as cargo, not a purchasable ship), and that only happened once.


if you have a hexeditor you can lower the number next to
in your savegame

it should say something like
privateer_campaign 36
change it to 31 or 32
that will move you *back* missions
unfortunately there's no way to skip ahead

if you edit it in a windows editor that adds carriage returns to linefeeds (like notepad, or wordpad or most other editors) then you'll be out of luck :)

as for the Kaydence campaign--you can work for other sides--- the evil sides have different benefits--
being good gets you poor pay but some nice compliments :)
being good gets you poor pay but some nice compliments :)

Is that it? No special equipment, no new ships, nothing like that? Maybe I should restart anyways and give the evil branches a shot. (Not like I needed the pay, my Demon could handle defend missions with me against 15+ Talons, and those pay upward of 250,000, more if you get them from fixers.)

Also, can you suggest a good hex editor? I've done Google searches for them before, but never came up with anything.


you can edit them...but if your text editor is stupid like wordpad and adds carriage returns next to binary newline data that happens later in the file then it could screw up many aspects of your savegame file.
if you use a good text editor like emacs or even visual studio 7 (6 messes stuff up) it should work ok


Few more questions from another new but already avid fan of Remake :)

1. At some moment (supposedly after taking serious damage, but can't be sure - I take it often lately) my maximal speed dropped from 500 (Centurion, reactor #3) to 370. The reactor does not seem damaged and repairable at the weapon shop, though. With the afterburner I still can reach 1000. Is it a bug, or some damage is supposed to be irrecoverable?

2. Speaking of which, do RepairBot&Co actually *do* something? I know that armor and the hull can't be repaired in space, but I've never seen *any* system damage to decrease.

3. Just out of curiosity: were dialogue voices recorded by your team, or there was a genuine sound file made by Origin? I have a voice pack for the original Privateer, but it only includes space communication messages, and only "faction" ones - no personal like Seelig's, Miggs' etc.

4. Now that since all bases belong to factions and can be hostile, is it alright that they still let you dock?

5. I've seen on these forums some mentions about "side quests". Do I have to finish the main quest to be able to start them (I've finished Palan already, but haven't seen anything yet), or thorough visiting of every bar in the Galaxy will occasionally pay up? :)

6. After finishing the main quest and starting RF, will there be more upgrades available? (Thrust an Jet Enhancers are already in game, but there were additional levels of Reactor/Shield in the original, IIRC).

7. A thought for the next version: can it be made so that certain MFD screens, like Objectives, Cargo Manifest would automatically revert to the previous state in a couple of seconds if no MFD-related keys are pressed for that time?

8. Once after some fierce battle, I started to pick up debris and found few pieces of high-level equipment, including a turret, which I didn't have at the moment. For some time, I was extatic. Of course, my joy was short-living - at the surface all the stuff I picked turned into "unsorted space salvage". So I started to think - what if it *was* possible to install such salvage equipment? Then the more general idea came - what if it was possible to freely manipulate any eqiupment bought from weapon shops, commodity or picked in space?

I see it like this: in a weapon shop you can see an additional branch of items "My stash" (similarly to "My fleet" in the ship buying screen). Any purchasable item in the shop instead of one "Buy" button gets two - "Buy" and "Buy&Mount", where the latter works as "Buy" worked previously, and the former transfer the item into the stash. Installed items also have two buttons - "Sell" and "Unmount", and "Sell" and "Mount" for items from the stash. If an item is installed into a slot where something was already, that thing goes into the stash instead of just disappearing. Items picked in space go into the stash automatically.

That way a player would be able to transfer his equipment into a new ship when he acquires one instead of buying everything anew, or experiment more freely with various refitting combinations. Of course, there could be limitations. Mounting/unmounting could cost some coin (though much less than the difference between buying/selling price for the same item) - after all, you do it using shop's facilities. Items picked in space may demand repair before you're able to install them. Once you upgrade a weapon with tractor/autoaim ability, it can't be disassembled and only may be moved as a whole. And of course, the stash would have to take space from the cargo hold.

How about it?


AKAImBatman said:
For Windows, the best Hex Editor is XVI32. It's free, it's fast, it's simple, and it works extremely well.
I must admit that I'm a huge fan of UltraEdit. Sadly not free (except for trial), but a brilliant editor (both normal and hex). When not using VI(M) on Linux (used to use Emacs), I use UltraEdit.


1) afterburner speed and inflight speed are decoupled. Anything fixable with basic repair will not be fixed by your bot.
2) yes they do fix things... try getting your reactor damaged--or ECM or even repair bot--they will fix those things from orange to white (will be green soon)
3) We recorded some of the campaign sounds for the bonus campaign--it's largely soundless tho
4) They let you dock in the first version so we let you dock with them in the remake...if they were not bases--they would not let you dock (i.e. if we implemented a confed carrier like in WCU then it wouldn't let you dock if you were hostile with confed)
5) Try going to the Tingerhoff system and talkin to a girl named Destinee
6) Yes
7) that wasn't in the original version...why should we add it--what functionality would it provide
8) we realized that this sort of debris made people rich too quickly--and was not present in the original as I recall--so we decided to make it space salvage--which was present back then
9) the engine has the capability to do the my stash sort of thing--- we just need to change the baseComputer to use it--this is a priority for the Vega Strike engine--so it likely will filter down to this mod.