New turn-based Strategy Titel in the works


Rear Admiral
Hi everyone.

Maybe you know the game Battle Isle or Historyline 1914-1918 from Bluebyte. Thats 23 years ago. Now another german dev Team King Art works on a new titel. Battle Worlds Kronos. Its turn-based like Panzer General, HOMM, Cyberstorm or the other titles in that genre. King Art make before the two Adventure games Book of Unwritten Tales and the Critter Chronicles.

Now they Need 120.000 Dollar for the new game. Here is the Kickstarter link:


Unknown Enemy
That looks pretty cool. I was just thinking the other day that I'd love to see a new turn-based strategy game (ok, actually, I was thinking about going back to replay the old Bluebyte games). It is a little bit of a pity that it's sci-fi again, though. Yes, I loved Battle Isle, but mainly because the gameplay didn't feel very sci-fi - you could kinda imagine that you're playing with modern forces.

What I'd really love, though, is another History Line...


Saw this when it first went up, forgot about it until now. Looking forward to it again ! [will bookmark it this time]