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Ice that quote came out of the blue, what does fantasy have anything do do with anything or any I just being dense?


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Originally posted by Earthworm
But if you read the novel, you'd know that this little briefing was meant as a "confidence" boost for the Black Lance forces (pilots who fly the Black Lances) and when Tolwyn said "You, the Black Lance..." or something to that effect in the game he was reffering to those pilots.
I've read the novel -- three or four times, in fact. I suppose that his meaning in saying "You, the Black Lance..." is in how one interprets it, because I see it as referring to the organization, not just the pilots. Certainly not just pilots were in that auditorium.

Either way, it doesn't really matter. While I still maintain that more evidence supports the fighter being the Dragon, the fact remains that no DEFINITIVE PROOF can be offered for either viewpoint. In fact, I'd call it a toss-up were it not for the ORIGIN OFFICIAL GUIDE TO WCIV -- that alone in my mind weighs heavily in favor of Dragon.


if origins offical guide says that it must be so, that is about as canon as one can get since it demonstrates the implicit beliefs and plans of origin


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Look, does it really matter? Call it a Dragon, call it a Lance, call it whatever you like. It's a Lance, officially, to the Black Lancers, but then again, they no longer exist. As far as the Border Worlds are concerned, it's a Dragon, and as far as Confed is concerned, it's better if it never existed, whatever you call it ;). So, you're pretty much free to choose between Lance and Dragon.

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WCIV's official guide isn't written from an in-universe perspective -- of course it's called the Dragon, because that's what it's referred to in the game...

(As for Napoleon's claim that this is "Origin's word" -- the official guide was done by Incan Monkey Gods Productions, and simply signed off by Origin... just like the novel was done by Baen and signed off by Origin.)


Chicago class Multifunction fighter

My ship would be based on addons. The standard would be 2 Kraven MKII lasers, 1 Ion Cannon, and a Kraven MKVII engine. The addons would add:


4 Missile Hardpoints
1 Afterburner MKIV

1 Torpedo Bay
1 Kraven MKVII engine

With all of then it has 2 Kravens, 1 Ion, 4 missile hardpoints, 1 torpedo launcher, 1 afterburner, 1 M/AM Drive, 2 Kraven Engines

Let's see... I fly up behind you... fire a ImREC, and then theres lots of pretty colors, see? You there? Oh shit...


Getting back to the thread....

Lemme see....close to ideal fighter....

I'd have to go with the M/AM drives, like a lot of other guys, along with the warp drives that seem to come with it. I and a buddy have been contemplating the construction of a fighter which we based on the Vampire's chassis. Tentatively, we called it the Nosferatu. :D

Wings are different, slightly swept forward, and the engine pods revised to 4 engines hugging the central fuselage. Thrust direction is controlled by individual 2 dimensional thrust vectoring panels mounted at the exhaust ports, at 45 degree inclinations, if you wer looking at the exhaust dead-on. (therefore, if you look at the entire rear section, the vanes would form a diamond-shaped pattern) Other maneuvering systems would include the use of vernier burners located on key sections of the ship's airframe to make maximum use of applications of moment force. Forward firing weapons would comprise of 5 gun points, and maybe 3 or 4 pairs of missile HP's. For the guns, I'd employ a combo of weapons which I tried and tested in SO. A pair of dust cannons, and a pair of pulse particle guns. The 5th gunpoint, would be programmed to fire seperately from the othersl; a single, center mounted plasma cannon mounted in the belly. With this config.....missiles? We don' need no steenking missiles! Alternately, instead of the other 4 guns, I'd consider the use of 3 dust cannons, mounted in cluster. Whether on full guns, or alternating fire, you've got a gatling gun which would do the A-10's Avenger cannon proud. :)

For missiles, loadout would of course be mission variable for flexibility. At least 4 to 6 Artemis ELRIR's would be part of the complement.

With this loadout, and apparent level of technology in WCP era, I think it would be reasonable to have the top speed max out at between 550 to 600 kps on normal ML. Shield and engine performance comparable to the Vampire, however, maneuverability may wind up somewhere between the Vampire and the Panther. To support all systems, this is where the M/AM power system becomes critical, because the fighter is meant to survive the harshest kinds of battle conditions. The reactor must be able to keep all systems in constant recharge at an accelerated rate.


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Originally posted by Napoleon
Ice that quote came out of the blue, what does fantasy have anything do do with anything or any I just being dense?

Never mind. I mean that everything can happen in sci-fi, and everyone seems to be supprised about some things. I don't worry about them, because that's the wat things are.


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Originally posted by TyeDyeBoy
the thing is, iCe, that you wouldn't be able to create that perfect fighter. The powerful weapons would just be too heavy, or too slow, etc. That's why they haven't already created one.

I mean the perfect fighter for me. Offcourse you will get an large craft, but look at the dragon. Fast and deadly (but expensive..)


WC an P2. I "Invented" The engine. Im uploading a Skematics...... almmost done.....

Of course, these can be modified... They will be by Confed techs once i sell them...