New Ship idea, stats, and/or designs


Lord_Nathrakh said:
well i thought any1 with a sence of jovialness would understand what i was saying, but then your not australians, so i should have expected this..........

think about it, if i dont like somthing i call it gay, no matter if it is or not, its just a word.......this isnt a logical subject.

so when i say addictions are gay, i mean stupid nonsensical, do u get me?
Ozzie or not, I understood your meaning there. I'm just bustin' yer chops; I couldn't resist...

(Defense counsel: "Objection!"
Prosecutor: "Your honor, defense counsel opened the door; I'm merely walking through it."
Judge: "Overruled."

'nuff said...)



Rear Admiral
Obee, Lynx, Eder... dang nice work.
Obee- one suggestion... your design resembles a Hellcat with a waddle(look at turkeys, chickens, and old men, underneath the "chin". You'll see.)... it's a nice design, just needs some reason for the attachment on the bottom. Perhaps some sort of fuel pod, as in a Wasp-style interceptor... a Long Range Scout would probably be a good explination for it, but it's too heavily armed for that.... perhaps pulling a pair of those guns and converting to missile ports would be in order...
Lynx- dear GOD! That is one lovely design!
Eder- Very nice.