New Ship idea, stats, and/or designs


I am really curious to see how imaginative you guys are. Ship descriptions or stats or just a basic ship concept.


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Three thoughts:

First, something truly designated as a capship killer. Maybe 4 forward torpedo tubes, and two or three capship turrets, and 10 smaller point defense turrets. A simple hanger for shuttles, no fighters. Lots of armor, fast enough to stay with the fleet, no afterburn.

Second something small, about the size of a frigate or a corvette, with lots of missile batteries to rain down planetary bombardment and provide some missile defense for task forces and fleets. A few point defense fighters, maybe a flight (4) light fighters.

Third a modern Confed Corvette.

That's about all I could think of, just some concepts no hard facts.


That would be nice to see a Confed corevette for modern combat. Let's see if we can come up with anything.


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Ooo maybe you meant fighters, I had a thought on that to. Something like the Piranha, with twice the missile load and just a single cannon (instead of three) and a rear co-pilot who can guide the missiles in to keep them from being shot down or decoyed (I mean, air to air missiles, not capship missiles).

Also, some kind of electronic warfare craft, like the seahawk that can jam radar and communications, and is ARMED, something that carries missiles specifically for destroying radar stations/satellites/insturments etc. etc. and something that can detect and jam them at the same time. Sort of a giant ECM machine that's mobile.

Just some thoughts. =P


Yeah, orginally this thread was for fighters and bombers and maybe even corvettes, but other capships are good too.


a full fledged GF

Deathraven Hellcorvette
Max Speed: 1000kps
Max Afterburner Speed: 50000kps
Max Acceleration:2000k/s^2
Max Y/P/R turn rate: 20000/20000/20000dps
Shields: 5000
Armor front/rear/left/right: 500/500/500/500
Core Hit Points (damage the ship can take after all armor is gone): 5000
Guns: Tachyon Cannon (20), Leech Cannon (20), PTC (6), HyperTech Mass Driver Device *EXPERIMENTAL!* (1)
Gun Capacitor size/recharge rate: 50000GJ/500GJ/s
Decoys: 1000
Autoslide: Yes
Cloak: Yes
Jump: Yes

Notes: The Deathraven Hellcorvette was designed and built by a TOP SECRET agency for the special needs of Grand Admiral Hardcore, based on his requirement that the fighters used by his men be able to destroy entire star systems by themselves. It is more manueverable and faster than the lightest fighters, and more heavily armed and defended than the heaviest battlecruisers. It requires a crew of 1, and can sustain its crew in Outer Space for more than 6 months, if necessary. They can also fly in an atmosphere, and function underwater, making them the best multi-purpose fighter in the Universe. Interesting notes about it's armement: The shield bounces all known weapons fire directly back at the assailant, but that's hardly necessary as the Deathraven can fire while cloaked.


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[23:09] <TheKurgan> hehe
[23:10] <TheKurgan> that was funny when ace did it back in 1996
[23:10] <TheKurgan> with his ace's Happy Diamond Fighter
[23:10] <TheKurgan> and ace's Happy Donut of Destruction
[23:10] <TheKurgan> an ace's Happy Watermelon
[23:11] <TheKurgan> two of which appeared in my WCP mod
[23:11] <TheKurgan> i guess it's still funny though
[23:11] <TheKurgan> because people are still as insane
[23:11] <TC> yeah, your WCP mod was great
[23:12] <TheKurgan> yeah, i liked the Death Star
[23:12] <TC> I think I'll employ my lazy copy/paste method


That is the most ridiculously power ship that just cries super duper ultra mega mightly morphin super weapon of doom.
*Dies laughes*
*resurrected 5 seconds later*
Right, I was looking for ship designs or stats, etc. that are more realistic to the 27th and 28th century timeframe not 5 trillion years from now.


Wait for it... Wait for it....

LOAF said:
TCS Concordia III: SuperConcordia
by James Boswell

Class: Ultra Heavy UltraCarrier Sivarnaught
Length: 10,955 meters
Width: 5,111 meters (Big)
Height: 5 meters
# of Pods: ?
Speed: Yes
Max. Speed: 155 kps
Afterburner Speed: 157 kps
Cru. Speed: 1,999 kps
Max. Y/P/R: 360/360/365
Missile Mass: 7
Side Armor: 100 meters
Left Armor: 5 cm
Missile Mass: 7
Right Armor: 10 cm
Fore Armor: 153 meters
Forward Armor: 117 meters
Rear Armor: 200 meters
Backwards Armor: -200 meters
Shields: 3
Shield #1: 200 eons
Shield #2: 1 parsec
Shield #3: T-Bomb
T-Bomb Nuclear Missiles (10)
Phasers (None)
Double Mount Triple Quad Neudron Guns (111)
Turret Guns, Large (255)
Turret Guns, Small (7)
Space Fighters (112)
Space Bombers (125)
Transports (4)
Corvettes (7)
Other Smaller Versions of Itself Contained Wholly Within (2)
PhaseCloak: Possibly
That Gun that the Behemoth Had: Probably
Jump Drive: Certainly
Can it See Cloaked Fighters: Indeed
Nebula Generator: No
Sex: Male
TCS Concordia III (Nameship)
TCS Concordia IV (Sister Ship)
TCS Party Hearty
TCS Lara Croft: The Tomb Raider
TCS DragonLance
TCS Thank Goodness
TCS Lobster Men
TCS Wing Commander Prophecy
TCS Monty Python
TCS WildWeasel
TCS Admiral Wilson Tolwyn III
TCS Enterprise NCC-1701G

The TCS Concordia III was designed by the kind folks at BuWeaps! who designed it to be designed towards a single design retrospective: "It must kick ass" - Admiral Tallwood. The first TCS Concordia III class ship was delivered to the Etruscan IV shipyards in the Sollalaya system. The Concordia III immediately went into action against pirates and their families, completely wiping out piracy alltogether. Later, it saved the universe from the evil grasps of the Steltek and various other races that we decided to say are our enemies despite only having been mentioned briefly in novels. Of all the ships in the universe, it is by far the best. It has four engines.


At least it isn't hard to kill if you can get close enough. Maybe take a wasp with 6-12 tachyons and use the booster. Come up on its weak side and then kill it.


Pfft... how do you plan to do that with tachyon guns through T-Bomb shields, fool... You'd need some sort of 'shield piercing torpedos' and we all know that's simply foolish. The only way to take down a battlewagon's shields is through bombardment from capital ship plasma weaponry!


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Note to self...

Note to self:

Next time don't be one else is.

("Next time Jack, write a ******* memo."-Jack Ryan, Hunt For Red October)


Oh! it has Phase shields and compents, so just load a wasp with two boosters, several plasma guns or better yet viper cannons-lots of those-and some torps.

*BBBOOOOOMMMM!!! Take that you traitor.* One dead renegrade Concordia III.


Yes, I was very attached to my repost of someone else's ship that I was using to make fun of the concept behind this thread. :(


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:D :D Well, Jason I was being serious at 1st, but I couldn't help myself. Alright, back to the ship concepts. Please make them good ones.


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