New Script Streamlines Prophecy Installation on Linux (September 14, 2021)


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Goku has put together a new automation that enhances the experience of getting Wing Commander Prophecy to run. The game can occasionally have some compatibility quirks on modern Windows, which could put off some folks who might be trying for a Linux install. It's possible to get a nice smooth setup running though, and this script does so by properly configuring Prophecy and Secret Ops. Then it adds in the enhancement pack, OpenGL patch, FPS tool and even high quality movies. We don't have a test rig here to try it, so we're anxious to hear from more folks with first hand experience. If this helped you or there are additional questions, hit the discuss link and let Keen Bean know! You can find the program here - click "Show unpublished installers" to expand the relevant section.

If anyone's on Linux and would like to test out my Lutris script for Prophecy, please head here. You will have to click edit on the "GOG + mods" script and hit Test this installer.

Original update published on September 14, 2021
I've yet to try anything from Lutris, so far I've managed to get by with Proton on Steam or manual installation via Wine. On Prophecy specifically, I last tried the latter in March last year. I didn't tinker with the FPS limiter, but I did use the model upgrade pack for the first time, which looked quite nice, as I recall.

The main issue I had - for both Prophecy and WC4 - was getting the videos to work within the game (I think it was broken regardless of the 'original' DVD files or the upscaled versions from ODVS), I recall that in the end I just manually played the videos in VLC as needed.
I'd recommend Lutris, at least as a replacement for manual management of Wine prefixes. There's a lot of quality of life features that makes things easier. Not perfect by any means, but it's quite good. I really hope Proton gets to a point where nearly everything works out of the box, but I just love the scripting capability of Lutris. It can make the entire process for a "definitive" install of a game just one click. Proton is more for newer games while Lutris works great for older stuff that requires a bit more maintenance to get working in Linux.

The only issue I've encountered with Prophecy in Linux has been the subtitles for the DVD cutscenes disappearing very fast from the screen. Not really sure what I can do about that, but I'm playing around with stuff to see if I happen to fix it. Despite that, I think this might be the best way to play Prophecy these days.

Am I missing any items in the script that should be added? I'm not familiar with the model upgrade pack or if it's an essential thing to use.
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It works! One click and everything is in. Amazing work! I took your patch and fixed the main installer with it.

Caveats: it launches prophecy _DURING_ the install, don't be fooled, that's the original, the mods are not installed until after you exit. Then the installer will continue, prompting you to configure things here and there.

Other bug: the exit simulation button exits the game.
Got around to doing the rest of the series. Please try them out and let me know how it goes. They are written specifically for the GOG versions of the games. The DOS games have a custom interface to allow for multiple options and ease of use. Working on Kilrathi Saga currently, but I hope this will suffice!

Thank you for this. Like another commenter on the update post siad, the enhanced videos don't work for me, but renaming the "Movie" reverts the game to playing the originals and everything else works great.

Edit: Installing k-lite in the wine prefix through Lutris fixed all this. I can use the DVD movies or any of ODVS' enhanced versions now.
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New issue: Trying to run Secret Ops results in the following error: Iff: Iff open file '/games\cdlayout.iff' not found and not optional.

I've tried this script, installing from the Prophecy Gold CD, the original edition installer, the enhanced edition installer... all of them result in this wine error.