New Preview Hints at Upcoming Operation Back Lash Overview (December 9, 2022)


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Mac has posted a couple of teasers for his next Wing Commander lore video. This one is shaping up to be bigger and more elaborate than his usual episodes, so he's posted these snippets to tide fans over while work continues. The first image sets up the ground attack on Vukar Tag with a couple of Rapiers. There's also a Ferret furiously dodging laser bolts from an entire wing of Kilrathi. Although I'm already quite familiar with what happens in End Run, I can't wait to see the video come together!

This End Run video is going to be what I have now termed "The Long-Ass Format", going by how the script is wrapping up.I may have to split it, worst case scenario I might need to put out another, smaller video for the month. But here's a thing Im doing for it:#wingcommander— Mac's Lore (@MacsLore) December 6, 2022[/quote]

"Tarawa, Bear. Play the music on the comms, I'm coming in hot.""Bear, you know the-""Well thats why you dont tell him. Play the music."This is a work in progress that will be used for a *very long* #wingcommander video I'm currently working on.Models by Hangar B Productions— Mac's Lore (@MacsLore) December 1, 2022[/quote]

Original update published on December 9, 2022