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Hello friends!

It is with great pleasure that I begin with that thread a description of the assembly of the papermodel of Dralthi IV. That is an initiative and an idea that it appeared me from the birth of the project Paper Commander, to demonstrate for the whole community Wing Commander the steps of construction of the papermodels that will be available in the next updates.

I will also take advantage and to comment on a little on papers and tools for the assembly. I hope you appreciate. Dralthi IV will be available for download in the project Paper Commander with other four models (that will also have construction reports here) in the beginning of April. ;)

To build paper models is a form relatively fast and economical of having a beautiful collection of models highly with results satisfactory why neither demands a lot of practice nor a lot of tools. Tends access the a computer with printer, white glue, cuts, knife, ruler and tweezers are possible to build beautiful replicas.

Excuse me if the text was long but I found necessary to present those explanations. :D

Materials and tools


I usually use filecoat (filiset) or opaline paper with thickness among 100 to 240g to build the models (the more used are the 120g and 180g) sincerely I don't know as they are the measures out of the metric system but I believe that should exist conversion tables for USA and UK and other countries that don't use the metric system.


The name of Papershop is suggestive :D


The combined use of scissors with knives type x-acto it is advisable, mainly to cut pieces with intricate details


The best glue for papermodels is a White PVA Glue (in USA is a Elmer's glue), but other types is useful: CA and Hancraft Glues


Rullers and a specialized tool to crease folds, in the case a spatula of dental use. :p


Those tools usually used to clean nails and for sculpture in cookery (cake statues) they are very used for us to get curved profiles in the paper without to hurt or to create folds no wanted.


Tweezers of different formats are very useful to hold brims or small pieces in the hour of the gluing...



For finish and protection we can use colored pencil, acrilic paint or hidrocolor pen to eliminate angles in white or small imperfections caused in the hour of the assembly. To protect the paper of the humidity, of mushrooms and sun damages we used protecting varnish or protection layer in spray.

The model:

This assembly test begins with the cut of all the pieces. This model of Dralthi IV especially came from an old mod for the game Homeworld, I don't know the creator's name nor of the textures if somebody knows for me to give the credit in the model would be very interesting...

The model in spite of simple offers a moderate challenge and it is quite attractive. Initially it will just be distributed in the scale 1/200.



Cover and planeed model


All pieces cut




Many pieces building


All pieces building done

Next posts will begin the final assembly, I apologize for my poor English and for the long postage.


Thank you Howard!

He would like you to congratulate for the excellent models of Wing Commander Pionner. And to take advantage to know if there is some chance of transforming them in paper models? In positive case it please send me a private.

This very day I should post the assembly of Dralthi IV...
More progresses...

Thank you NinjaLA, that is a very interesting hobby and cheaply as I commented on previously.

Well now I will post the assemblies of the subsets of Dralthi IV. The only sensitive part is the intersection between the fuselages and the pilon wings, the other parts are quite simple of they be built. Good we are going the pictures...

Next posts the finish model... :p
Finish model...

And now the finish model! :p








The aggressive look is evident... :D




An interesting design comparison with models in the same scale. The size difference and style in relation to Dralthi Mk I/II are big. Compared with the fighters of the confederation Dralthi IV is really very larger...

The display and another pics...





Drathi IV in the display and against the light



The download will be available at the beginning of April. :D
Wow Péricles, this is just amazing work! :D The attention to detail and proportion is great.

Thanks for posting all the pictures too.
You forget it is even paper that is being used for the model. Looks great.

Makes the Dralthi Mk I/II look like a light fighter!
Than's people!

The next models is a Plunkett Class Cruiser from Wing Commander Prophecy Secret Operations and a Clydesdale from Wing Commander 2...
I've never browsed the paper models but now that I have those things are awesome!!!! Pericles must have alot of patience that's for sure!! :) Great work my friend great work
Attention friends!

Dralthi Mk IV is already available for download in the site papercommander.

The next model with assembly step the step here in the forum it is Clydesdale.