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I have always seen this page just never signed up for the forums. I go by Kevin Towlyn as my gamer name i use it in any mmo i play. I love the wing commander series and have all of the books. I love the games but i have always been obsessed with the cap ships from the game instead of the fighters. I would love to command a gilgamesh or waterloo class instead of a fighter. I'm trying to get people to 3d print me some capital ships.
Hey! Welcome, feel yourself free and speak your mind in the forums, we need the new voices around here.
Welcome aboard! It's quiet around here these days but there are still folks who will be happy to talk about capital ships! :) o7
thanks for the replies. I know wing commander was all about the fighters but cap warfare still gotta be a thing. in the books when they take Tarawa into battle was one of my fav battles to read.
yeah so got homeworld remastered for sale on steam today for 9 bucks! got the wing commander mod was in love that u can do wc 1&2 started it played for about 5 mins and it keeps crashing ugh
OK, please explain when the crash happen, in which game mode, etc. If possible, I'd like you to do the following things:
1) When you select the mods in the dedicated screen before the game starts, write the following, dash included, in the white box at the bottom of that screen:


2) Play the game until the game crashes.
3) Go to your Steam folder where the games are saved, go to the following folder:
4) You should see a file called HWRM.log
5) Use Notepad to open it and paste the last 20 lines or so of the file, it should help me get what is going wrong.

BTW, have you tried the SP missions I've included?
i ended up getting it to work. i think playing the wing 1 and 2 side of it is missing the gilgamesh and waterloo class cruiser