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Thalen Mort

Greetings all....

I may be dating myself but I had played all wing commander games when they were released in the past.

I am looking to purchase the entire series as I no longer have them and wish to replay the game from #1 on. In my opinion it was the best Space sim I have ever experienced.

Can any direct me to where is a good place to purchase these?

I run Windows 7 at present and I understand this may cause issues but work arounds are avaliable as I understand it.

Also is there "better" versions to consider buying? ie. DVD over CDROM etc?

Thanks in advance, and my appologies if this is the wrong thread to post this in.


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One avenue would be for the Wing Commander entries with FMV. This means Heart of the Tiger, The Price of Freedom, and Prophecy. A bit of a bonus is that this site has Secret Ops as a download for Prophecy. For the earlier entries in the series, my only suggestion is eBay.

In regards to versions, the WC4 DVD version is pretty impressive for the videos but it is going to cost. You can obtain DVD quality videos for Prophecy from this site, so you can just get a standard Prophecy CD-ROM.


I imagine that if you're running the current version of DosBox, you should be able to just buy the original games off of eBay and install them. However, don't get your hopes up about finding Secret Missions or Special Operations. They get expensive when they DO pop up. If you don't care about owning the original versions, I think your best bet would be to get the Wing Commander and Wing Commander II Deluxe Editions on CD, which come with their respective expansions. I don't know if those work with DosBox, though, or if you need some separate program to run them.

After you get WC 1 and WC 2 out of the way, you can run WC 3 on in DosBox, and should not have a problem.


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deluxe versions work fine, theyre a little tricker to start the setup with, as they may try not to fully install, but thats easy enough to fix (copy off the folder!).

Eitherway, they'll work fine in dosbox, just make sure the cycles are set such that, during the originfx logo, the conductor doesnt tap his baton too fast ;) (thats my test for making sure the speed is okay)

Thalen Mort

Thanks for the information. I have seen on Ebay a person that sells them with an "install" disk (for windows 7). Prior to purchasing will just check out that they are "legal" versions.


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Dosbox was always fraught with problems for me... I just bit the bullet and bought a copy of KS. It works great on Vista and 7... not so much on XP, never really figured out why.