New Info on Upcoming Musical Projects! (May 12, 2019)


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There's exciting news about the next phase of composer George Oldziey's musical works! He's now working through the bidding process to price out what it would take to create a second album of live orchestral recordings. To recap: way back in early 2014, Mr. Oldziey kicked off his first campaign to record a live album of his tremendous tracks from Wing Commander 3, 4 and Prophecy. The campaign was successful and the performance was recorded in October of 2014. Fast forward to July 2017 and phase two was kicked off. The second endeavor digitally reorchestrated another round of classical tracks and also conducted a live recording of jazz music from throughout the WC series. Now that those projects have all successfully concluded, he's looking at going back to the full orchestra for another live album. As an extra bonus, he's considering putting a book together that documents this exciting ride - all the way back to his time at Origin in the '90s. This is just an early heads up now, but stay tuned for more info as the project unfolds!

Phase 2 of Wing Commander Orchestral Project Volume 2 to Begin Very Soon!

Greetings all! I wanted to update all of you wonderful people on phase 2 of the volume 2 campaign. As you know, phase 1 has enabled me to finish orchestrating 45 minutes of orchestral music for the next volume as well as have all of it formatted into parts and scores ready for printing. It also yielded the interim goal of the WC Jazz CD.

I am just about finished with completing a budget for recording the orchestra and choir, after obtaining multiple bids from orchestras around the world. I will have that budget completed by week's end, and will launch the new fundraiser shortly thereafter, with a goal of recording late summer or early fall!

Another exciting new development is I've been working on writing a book about composing for the Wing Commander games, as well as the musical journey that prepared me for that adventure. When finished, that book will first be available only to contributors to the volume 2 campaign before it goes online for general sale and consumption. I'm really enjoying recalling those moments, which were some of the most fulfilling of my life, and setting them into prose. I'll keep you posted on that development.

Once again, I thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart for all your encouragement and support, and look forward to going on this next journey with you!

Musically yours,


Original update published on May 12, 2019