New Icon Pack Refreshes Your Game Launcher (January 22, 2020)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator

Kobi-K has put together a nifty icon pack for the Wing Commander series. He covers each of the main games, plus Privateer 1&2, Academy and Armada in both ice and png format. A couple even get alternate editions. The art draws on a mix of archival files and marketing promotional images as source material. Icons are still very much a thing, so these can be fun additions to your game launcher. The last similar pack is almost a decade old, so it's good to see a new take on this! Grab the pack here (3 meg zip).

I made a pack of Wing Commander Icons of all the official games since I couldn't find many good quality ones and thought I would send it to you at the CIC and if you liked them maybe you would post them on your site so that other people could download them. The Icons are 256x256 Metro style and the pack includes both ICO and PNG file formats.
Original update published on January 22, 2020