New Game or old savegame?


Can I play with my Privateer Remake Savegame or should I start a new game, better what features don't work in the first?

I'd like to know, because I don't want to go all over the buying and outfitting process again :D
It had cost me ages to get a centurion with a decent outfit :)
Or is there a way to accelerate this?
Edit your savegame with notepad to give yourself some more money :) But yes, you do have to start a new game every time the autogen is updated... Unless you're OK with only having Privateer ships around for a while, and waiting some time then seeing WCU ones.


OK, Spirit...HOW does one edit their savegame in such a way? I can't figure out where the money is.


For Example:
Gemini/Junction^9080412.000000^centurion.stock|demon(escort)|Gemini/Junction -13346.500563 8046.163674 80.362462
Gemini/Junction=My Current Location
9080412.000000=My Money
centurion.stock=Primary Ship
demon(escort)=Backup Ship
Gemini/Junction=Location of My Backup Ship