New Game: Evocrhon


For all of the Privateer lovers out there, there is a new game coming out by independent developer Star Wraith 3D Games called Evochron. It has some cool features, like the ability to decend seemlessly from space to the surface of a planet. It should be coming out soon, and may be worth your time to take a look. I've got a link to an intro movie right here: . It never hurts to have another decent space sim out there. It's not on their website yet, but you can visit them at .

If you like it, just like any other space flight sim, support it and send a message to the major commercial production companies that we want more!
It looked fairly interesting. But why does it just boast about all its features but doesn't say anything as to what the story is about? That's mainly what sells me on a game.
Looks very interesting...almost looks like Starlancer with an amped engine. (Notice the effect when the ship went to warp). Gameplay appears to be almost completely the same as Freelancer however...I'm not seeing what sets this game apart in anyway. Still, looks very interesting.
From what I understand, the plans are initially for it to be an internet release, and eventually it should be released in stores. The reason that they don't write anything about the story line is because they are still finishing that. The game is pretty much completed, they are just adding the last twists and turns to the plot.

I plan on keeping an eye on it. It's pretty impressive: it was pretty much programmed by just one guy.
It does scream Freelancer at me. It looks cool, I didn't care for the ship designs though.

Star Wraith 3d games? Why not Star Wraith Games?
I guess he wants people to know that his sims are 3D... I guess we'd have to ask Vice (the guy who runs the thing.)
Sphynx, have you continued to look into these games...there is a new one out called Evochron legends. It looks like a remarkable game. I'm gonna demo it soon and see what its like.