New Flight Cmdr Download


Vice Admiral
This is not an official release, but an update for those who want to get the latest greatest features ahead of time. So here it is :

Flight Commander 1.2 alpha

With these new features already implemented:
Appropriate movies on landing based on damage , player death
Appropriate movies on takeoff for mission briefing and scramble
More gameflow sounds
Import .obj meshes directly
Special in flight comms, can specify in mission editor
3d ship viewer in the gameflow
Brand new explosions , blast wave (courtesy Cyberion), and custom debris for each ship
multiple waves, support in mission editor
Simulator, with choice of ships for each mission
Customizable hud icons and colors: a new kilrathi hud is provided, courtesy of UE
angular acceleration, for smoother turns
refuel cutscene, mission editing, and logic


found 2 small glitchs: When we finish the mission it always shows 0 enemies killed and when we eject after hearing the "eject" sound (the bip-bip-bip), this sound keeps playing during the rescued-by-enemy cutscene. This can be seen (and duplicated) on the 2nd mission.

Found other 2 bugs but i think they are related because this version is still unfinished, so no worries.

The player death film, multiple waves, debris and the new explosions are working fine.

DJ Erik

I wish I had a cable connection for this, I'll have to get it later. I love the idea of the simulator and custom HUDs.


Vice Admiral
While its great if you can find bugs, be sure to try our the new features. The new hud may be a little hard to find. To use it, play sim mission 2 using the Vaktoth. Also, if you crash into the refueler in the second mission, you can see the refuel cutscene.

Here's a screenshot of the new hud.